June 9th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Teaching and Learning...

Dragged my sorry butt out of bed at some ungodly hour of the morning, to the perky chime of Taika's alarm. Went to work trying to face the day. I sacrificed a shower for sleep this morning, after staying up 'till nearly 1 AM talking to Angel last night. By now, it's starting to tell on me. Found the building, found parking (Michael told me what lot to use), and then found my classmates. Everyone's settled in Indy now. The city people are much happier. I can't wait for tomorrow when I can go back home and see my Angel.
We had lectures on universal precautions this morning, featuring a video on how to not spill urine on your hand or push elevator buttons with bloody gloves. It was most amusing.
It was also the only amusing part of the morning. The physician's oath was appropriately solemn, once we figured out that we were supposed to read it with him.
Mildly frustrated by the IUPUI wireless network. I can see the access points, but Taika refuses to give me a VPN login so I can authenticate with the network. Bedamned technology. Thinking I might be able to catch Ms. Nance today and ask . l hope. It would be very much nice to be able to pop on and say hi to Angel once in a while.
This morning I got keys, pagers, and cards - and I think I just had to sign 50 sheets of paper.
Pager is direct from some exiting 4th-year who had the savvy to subscribe the damned thing to hourly sports, Stocks, and news updates. I don't want pager update s on sports. In fact, I don't want to see any tickers on my pager. It eats my text message limit (ask if you want the addy to text message me. I could probably use good thoughts) and I don't know how to unsubscribe from it. Bastard.
No instructions on the pager, no idea what we're doing, and the best two sessions of the day have been how to present a patient and what to expect from the FP rotation , including a list of what to carry in your coat pocket. I'm so glad to have my Taika . I think tonight I'll go on a shopping frenzy and get the software I need.
Tonight: start work on my elective month and the conference in July, see if I'm too late to get into that. I want to go.
Notably, all my shit is going to be in my IUPUI mailbox. I'm thinking about seeing if D would be willing to check it once a week.
Session out at 3:00, with a "do you want to go enjoy the day" and a lot of nods . So I track down the ITS contact person, hit her up for help with cranky Taika. Turns out she doesn 't have luck with her iPaq and the wireless connect, but she can take me to the man who has successfully accomplished this apparently very difficult feat. Finicky PocketPCs...
... and he can't find his. Just my freakin' luck. Without another to compare her to, the final verdict on Taika is software. Specifically: Microsoft's suck-ass VPN software. Must find functional 3rd-party stuff to play with. And now to home for a bit before the party at Spaghetti Factory.
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Nescafe rabbit

Mmm, spaghetti in butter sauce with cheese...

Good news: I found The Old Spaghetti Factory.
Bad news: I got lost because fucking Georgia goes both ways instead of just one like I had been informed. There's something in that statement that just...makes my mind spin.
Good news: Iwona bought me a piña colada.
Bad news: I have a headache and Angel is out being his wonderful self for someone else, I think. Attempting to work up the motivation to go get my phone and call him.
Good news: The pager works.
Bad news: You can't turn off the notifiers, just like beowulf said; they're part of the fucking "service".
Good news: I get to sleep in tomorrow.
Bad news: Until 7 AM.
Good news: I got a new keepsake glass from The Old Spaghetti Factory.
Bad news: I have accomplished nothing tonight, since I don't have my AMSA number on me and my head hurts.
You get the picture. I just want to curl up in someone's lap and cuddle them. I do, however, love driving the freeway at night. I love the asphalt spinning beneath my wheels, the flash of lights and the howl of the wind in an open window, making Pink Floyd seem even more encompassing as I finally get the dial on the transmitter turned just so and the minidisc player is clear and static-free.
Good news: Angel came back.
Bad news: Just to tell me Jefe'd gotten there, and he was going to go be social. I'm so fucking selfish. I wanted him.to stay, but he apparently didn't pick up on my mood from the repeated "Mm" as a response to all of his comments. Which only made it worse.
I might just go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I'm so lonely and so tired, and my head hurts, and I don't have anyone to talk to. So alone.
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