June 6th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Niff Niff.

Upon reading the story found in customers_suck about a little old man (see here):
Angel: Why can't we have customers like that?
Jefe: Because sweet little old men don't run porn stores.

Today: Got v. little done, but I do not have TB. Mailed numair his CD's finally. Watched the new Bond movie. Debated reality of Bond movies. They were more fun set in the 50's. Suspension of disbelief did not involve invisible cars and buildings made of ice. However, I think Halle Berry is v. cute, thus was not bothered by much gratuitous bikininess. Plot: predictable. Diamonds embedded in face: interesting.

Jefe: What can I say? His name was "idiot fucknuts," we called him "Doug," worked for me.
And now to bed. I'm exhausted.
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Monday is the day.

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Kinda saw that coming from my answers. Angel's over there nodding like a madman. "Makes sense."

My nose is clogged solid. Hoping that hydration and the judicious application of nasal spray will make me able to breathe. Right now...I need to get dressed and work on tonight's campaign, as well as Skyscape books.
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