June 3rd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Quoth the raven:

It's midnight, and what I've discovered is depressing. Handheld Med is just about the only company with a copy-protection scheme that could be worked with. And they have 5mCC and a few others that'd be helpful, but not Harriet Lane, more's the pity. Will e-mail classmates and see what they think. Tomorrow.

Tonight am going to bed, secure in the knowledge that my throat will hurt in the morning and get promptly better. And Angel brought me a set of encyclopaedias from work! Yay for 1970's encyclopaedias! They will help to make this house a home. That and a kitten. I want a kitten. Preferably a dwarf kitten that will never grow longer than six inches, and will be adorable forever.

There is a snowdrift of dead ants along the kitchen wall. Yay for effective anticides. Yay even more for Angel, who is cleaning them up with a broom. Perhaps we will triumph over the little devils.

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Speaking of TMI, perhaps I should filter my friends list down to the people who aren't going to fall over in apoplectic shock if I run my metaphorical mouth. Hence, a Paid-Users-Option poll:

Should I make another Friends-List group of people who don't care if I throw out TMI entries - hitherto largely self-censored?

Yes, and I want to be on it!
Yes, and I don't want to be on it!
I don't care, I only skim your journal anyway.

Angel's teeth are brushed, think it's time to follow him.