June 1st, 2003


The Paint Story.

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What kind of day has today been? It's been fun.

We got up at the butt-crack of noon (me: 11 AM. Angel: washing the dishes at 10 AM) and stumbled off to Home Despot, where we spent our gift card from the bank on painting supplies. We have our own now; I'm starting a collection to rival Daddy's. And then Lily and I glued all the wallpaper to the wall, we thought.
An explanation. When I went to see if I could peel the wallpaper off of the wall - thinking that it would be not impossible to do - I discovered that I was peeling wallpaper off of unprimed drywall. Bad Idea. So we decided we'd just have to glue the wallpaper edges down and paint over it. Easier said than done.
We glued all the wallpaper down, and then we painted it all blue. And we found all the places we'd missed as they sagged and bubbled. And as I was peeling one of them up to try and glue it down again, I said "Lily? Is this paint?"
She agreed. That was when we discovered that they'd apparently put in one new drywall panel, and the rest were painted. Thus began the peeling frenzy, removing 1/2 of the wallpaper we'd thought was unremovable and taking 1/2 of our paint job with it. I taped first; it wasn't that big of a deal. Then we painted it blue again. And then we let it dry.
arazia spent a good chunk of the evening in there drawing gargoyles and buildings and a random satellite dish, and she'll be painting them when she gets around to it tomorrow. Thus begins room 1 of transforming all the rooms in the house into murals and fun things like that. See, it was this pansy-ass floral pattern and the room is scary girly pink. So it will become blue and grey and gargoylian.

Since Lily and Jefe slept over after RP, they just now left for the first time since arriving here at 7ish on Friday night. I like having people over. Is nice, although I could wish for company in the long and lonely days when Angel is missing. Have read through third-year e-mails and made a list of things to do:
  1. Go to the TB clinic tomorrow and get a PPD test done.

  2. Make sure I have all of my health requirement forms.

  3. Check into the PDA books for clerkships and what's going to be sharable. Notify friends and comrades. I have been far too remiss.

  4. Call my new preceptor (heretofore known as Dr. B.) and get the details hammered out. I am ecstatic: they placed me in a v. rural community with a female doctor. How much better can this get?

  5. Plan a trip to Indianapolis to get my IUSoM ID card before the rush at orientation day.

  6. Get my stuff together. Yes. Get my stuff together. And figure out what I'll need and need to bring. Also peel old nametag off of stethoscope as I now have a spiffy one with a pretty metal nameplate.

But right now...right now I think Angel's probably managed to warm up the bed, dump all the sheets on my side, kick the middle blanket down to the foot of the bed, and steal the quilt. Must go inflict the infinite torture of cold toes upon him. Yes.
Oh, and Piccy? How about this icon? :)
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Nescafe rabbit

Friday Night's RP:

Angel is chronicling events from Sydane's point of view in his journal. Installment 1 is here: The orc run...
If anyone else involved would like to chronicle as well, I'm always happy to hear how your characters think.
Seemed to go well, although next week's installment should be slightly less potentially lethal.

Today I have a sore throat, and I slept until 4:30 after drowsing out in church. Angel made me tater tots and soup, which made me feel better briefly. Also mint tea has helped briefly. Mostly thinking I'll just need rest. Mom and Tom leave on Thursday for Europe. I want to go.
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