May 29th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Morning has broken...

Nose aches; I think it is afflicted with a stealth-zit, as the left side is somewhat warmer and more tender than the rest of my face.
I am up, but not exactly happy to be so. Have been dredged from the realms of dreaming (It was about climbing a mountain - Mount Everest, I think, except that there were forests. And in the forests, there was a spider-goddess that some fool awakened because he needed holy spider spit. And we were attempting to put her back in her cave, except she kept picking up the trees and moving the forest around. It was fun.) because Comcast couldn't give me a more specific time interval for my appointment than "Between 9 and 1."

Jeans are damp; the dryer was a little overfull. Am pondering meeting the cable repair person in just black bikinis and a green T-shirt, but I think that might cause him to question his contract. Besides, it might be a cable girl, and girls - I've noted - are more likely to ask why I had no pants on. And then she would laugh at me for having a sad dryer. Pants are extraneous, really. At least I have my contacts in.

Think I'll go downstairs and get something to eat before I settle in to deciding how best to include everyone in tomorrow night's opening session. Do you prefer any particular method of impending doom, phloxin, daimones, lakos, ellisande, or jorath? I have many ways at my disposal.
Also: Character Sheets and Backstories, if I haven't seen them or approved yours.
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Nescafe rabbit

I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair...

Weighed the relevant data: (1) If I wash my hair, the Comcast person will show up while I am washing my hair. (2) The Comcast people never show up before the last possible minute (3) My hair still reeks of smoke from Tuesday night (3) My brush got irrevocably caught in it when trying to render a simple ponytail. The last decided it, and I washed my hair.
No Comcast people.

I dreamed last night, and the hair thing reminded me, that I had cut my hair up to my chin and permed it. And everyone kept telling me how cute I looked. I was disturbed.
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Nescafe rabbit

Stop! Oh, yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

The postman brought me an envelope from the Bursar's today. This refund represents your IUPUI bookstore restutution claim and my include other miscellaneous small credits. Seems the IUPUI bookstore was accused of price-fixing, and even though I take classes in FW, we are part of the restitution process.
Who am I to complain about $114.29 appearing in my mailbox?

Although Angel made anime-eyes at me for it, see:
God . o O ( Comcast show up yet? )
Vita . o O ( Nope, but $114 did. )
God . o O ( O_o )

I don't think I should tell him now.
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Nescafe rabbit


Yes, ma'am, you're still on the schedule. But he may be running an hour or two behind.
Because I have Nothing Better To Do With My Day than spend from 9 AM until God-only-knows-when Unable To Leave My House so I can wait for the cable tech.

14:30: Oh, and whoops. There goes the modem. Argh.

16:40: He called Angel's phone, listed as our home phone, and got voicemail. Assumed nobody was home. Cancelled the appointment.
I couldn't've gone anywhere anyway. I don't have my purse on me. I think it's in Angel's car. No money, no licence, no nothing.

Have spent the day printing out WotC maps and modules to wrap my campaign around. Have the first four or five sessions planned. Party is going to murder me, as they will be low-level suckness with no money forever. Am v. excited about the 3x5 page map hanging on the wall, where I will put the Bad Guy and such as soon as I get it laminated. Final several sessions will be large dungeon crawl.
Due to excessive printing of brown and yellow-themed WotC stuff, have emptied the yellow ink tank. Would go get another, but no driving or purchasing without proper equipment (i.e. licence and cash). Computer is thus making annoying beeping noises at me every 30-45 seconds as the "empty ink tank" message fills the screen and steals focus from my typing.

I would ride my bike to get an ink tank. I think I broke my toe on the couch again. It hurts to stand on it. And Angel will be home soon, even though I've been screaming and bitching at him over the phone all afternoon for being who he is. It's been a long and painful day. It will be over soon. Angel will be home, and it will all go away when he reaches out to hug me. That's all it'll take. That's all I ever need.

Now to decide on the race of the overwhelming plot mechanic. I'm leaning away from Dragon, for once, you will all be glad to know. And as some people discovered, I didn't ask for any half-dragons, Cat People, or other strange races. I seek the mundanity I so often abhor.
That means, Paladins, behave yourselves or I'll make nasty examples of you :)
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Me and Angel

Yay for ZoneEdit!

DNS for is handled currently by I switched off of EveryDNS and Hammernode after Hammernode gave me too much downtime and EveryDNS had serious troubles following a particularly nasty dDOS - making me unable to get ZoneEdit to come up as a secondary DNS.
Plus, ZoneEdit let me buy backup MX service for something under $40 a year.
Those of you on Arcana and Gargoyle will have noted that our availability has been somewhat flaky. See previous posts regarding Comcast and its issues involving us specifically. While this is inconvenient for MOOs...I handle mail - real e-mail, involving meetings and credit card notices and stuff - for people other than myself and Angel. I needed a backup MX after the last time we unexpectedly took the server down with a runaway shell script. ZoneEdit provided.
And today, ZoneEdit delivered mail to me after we had been down half the day. This is a tiny bright spot in my otherwise markedly frustrating day.

Must move roleplaying books from their currently inaccessible alcove in the family room. There are nails in the mantelpiece. Little ones, the kind that will suddenly grab you by the breast and rip the everloving fuck out of one of your favourite green shirts, thus rendering it incapable of being worn. All this for the sin of wanting to put my binders away. That'll teach me to pick up after myself.

Other small random smiles:
Collapse )
That made me smile. It's a good recommendation. It's also v. comforting to know that I come off as confident...considering how unconfident I seem sometimes.

Iwona, once not long before an exam last year, said to me: "Aren't you ever worried? You never seem to be worried about anything." Aren't I worried? That was the semester I worried myself into physical illness before every exam, literally spending the nights before exams throwing up from nerves sometimes. But I told myself I couldn't go to school with that kind of attitude...

And then good ol' numair...
Collapse )
I am obscurely flattered.

In the immortal words of Monty Python, I suppose: Always look on the bright side of life. The brightest part of it being that Angel should be leaving for home quite soon. I lovemiss you.
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Found on Ideanet...

There is a shower of autumn
    around me, death
           made lovely and given form.
      leaves tumble and tumble
and twist around,     
        there is a memory
                in the fall and falling                                     
    leaves like yesterday,
             and soon there will be snow,
and cold white death.
          NsK 20-10-2000 

I don't know if I had these two anywhere but IDEAnet; they're old enough for me to have to go looking if I want to remember.

Good morning morning,
  kiss of a new dawn.
      Good morning stars that shine dark                    
and the waking memories of yesteday                         
Good morning morning,
      silent and breathless, waiting
  waiting for the morning
    to call its own name out 

Good morning morning,
     have you seen the sun rising?
  Good morning stars that shine bright
        and the darkness of forgotten   
        NsK 17-08-2000
                "Good morning"
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