May 25th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Augh, introspection....

Was going to work on Doubly Dead. Think I will have to wait for some other time, as I am no longer feeling like writing from the viewpoint of a dead girl.
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I feel...well, distinctly uncreative. Bleah. I think I'll sleep.
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Nescafe rabbit

I know, beautifulsound, I'm a post whore.

I went here expecting to find only the sort of drivel promised by the Evil Ninja Insult of the Day. Then I clicked on the Rants link. And read one, and laughed. An excerpt from "How Can the Terrorists Lose?":
So, I've been trying to figure out a way to make the terrorists lose. It's been an uphill battle. My first thought was that working hard and paying my taxes would screw every terrorist big time. As it turns out, my parents' tax money actually trained Osama bin Laden to fight the Commies. When they paid their taxes, the terrorists won. Maybe my tax dollars will fund the next bunch of terrorists. That just doesn't seem right. Well, I'll still pay my taxes, but this year I'm sending a note that my taxes should be used to help out retards and crack babies - I have a lot of empathy for the underpriveleged. I hope the IRS listens.
Satire amuses me. And I found quite a few of his satirical pieces to be gems. With truth in them, such as "Why I hate Jesus." I had to share.
In the words of my darling Lily, the men are falling asleep. It's awful cute.
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Me and Angel

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Thank my parents. I learned to love math and science at a very young age. Up until the Female to Male Crossdresser part, it's all pretty accurate. But I don't crossdress, and I haven't really felt any desire to be anything but female since I learned how to exploit the role. When I was young I wanted to be a boy - probably because I mostly only hung out with boys.
Problem is, a lot of those questions had no answer that really applied to me. I enjoy sewing and mending like I enjoy fixing cars: because it's a fun thing to do, not because it arouses me or it's "Men's work" or "Women's work"...Most frustrating.

Angel's been asleep on my lap for 2 hours. It's most definitely bedtime. *sleeps*
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Nescafe rabbit

Yesterday, the mailman brought presents...

The mailman brought my student loan check. The mailman brought a property tax bill. And Angel brought home the money to pay for our cablemodem this month.
Today, we got Angel's church paycheck.
Today, I went to D's graduation (more on that later, I think) and since we were in town, we went to pay Grandpa back the $5,000 he helped us with on the house. Had a most wonderful visit, had pecan pie and talked about medicine and the church. And when we tried to write him the check, he made very sure that we could afford to pay him back at all, and then told us to keep a thousand of it. Plus, he gave us an ironing board.
Thank you, Grandpa. Thank you very much. It means a lot more than the money is worth...
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