May 23rd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Two random things:

Random thing #1: quotes from Treasure Planet. Incidentally, it was really a pretty good movie...
  • Jim? I'm starting to see my life passing before my eyes. At least I think it's my life. WAS I EVER DANCING WITH AN ANDROID NAMED LUPE?"

  • Captain Flint?
    In the flesh...well, devoid of skin or tendons or anything resembling flesh...

  • Excuse me, brutish pirate? I have a question. Is it that your body is too massive for your teeny tiny head, or is your head too tiny for your big fat body?

  • Silver, you gave up...
    It's a life-long obsession, kid. I'll get over it.

Random thing #2: A Matrix quiz. I am pleased with my results.
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And now, instead of sitting around bare-ass naked until 2 PM today, I'm going to go take Treasure Planet back to Blockbuster and work out before doing something productive here at home. That way I don't feel quite like so much of a slacker.
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Nescafe rabbit

A few random notes...

Today, in my spam, the following picture:
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Now that I'm done laughing... Who would pose for that picture? Would you? You can't really see his face. What if you were clearly identifiable? Does it make a difference if you're male or female?

Overheard at Curves: I don't see why they have to show us pictures of women in their underwear to sell us feminine products. What, do they think we believe we'll look like that if we wear them?
The bathrooms are clean, hallelu. Now on to doing something else productive, or maybe just flopping down and playing video games.
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Nescafe rabbit

Please note (extended RP rant post):

The following information is in my character bio on Ansible. All of it can be read by anyone who wishes to type 'pinfo Teryn' and read it.
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It's eloquent, it's well-written, if I do say so myself, and it says all you need to know about the kid,and then some. So when today, the following took place:

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Now mind, I am not averse to someone hacking into Teryn's system. I even know how his double-redundant stealth security works, and what he logs. And I don't expect it to be foolproof. He is six, after all, no matter how smart of a six-year-old he might be, and he has a lot to learn. But for heaven's sake, would you read the pinfo so you have an idea of what you'd be getting into?

Edit: I forgot to mention the IC mail that he sent to some people I of whom was kind enough to show it to me.

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Right. At least Teryn creates a fake identity to send his messages from. Oh, and...Spellcheck.
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