May 18th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

A little bit less than fluff.

Friday: Matrix 2, previously discussed briefly. Went to bed, left Angel to chat with Lily and Jefe.
Got up Saturday morning, after sleeping in and forgetting that I was supposed to go to Curves to weigh-in. I think...I think I'm just going to have to start on Thursday after Boards. I get so much more done when I go to work with Angel and sit there and work. Which means I'd have to go work out at 6:30, and I just never seem to think about it.

So Thursday, after Boards, it is.
Today I've learned the glycolysis cycle and will shortly start in on gluconeogenesis, TCA, and the Urea cycle thanks to the very clear review book I finally opened. And somehow I'll find my Pharm review book, which seems to have been lost. I need it; nothing else makes sense. Stupid drugs. Stupid sick people. Stupid Boards.

Oh, and stupid OpenMG Jukebox that keeps crashing while writing to the minidisc player.
On the good side, I'm clean now, and I did get something done.
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