May 17th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


Matrix verdict: Distinctly mediocre.
In summary: Some excellent scenes, many extraneous scenes, too much T&A, and not enough of the subtle question-reality plot I loved in the first. More to come on that, with probable spoilers.
Also have pictures of everyone (and the boots, Just For Piccy, although the picture is dark). Will post rest later. Now, sleep.

Running average on Kaplan simulated USMLE: 59% after 4 sections. I suck at pharmacology. Three more to go tomorrow. Time will not be a problem.
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Nescafe rabbit


I'll type more once I finish my Kaplan stuff, but I did promise pictures. Now I put the camera on large size and then switched to low quality, so they're grainy and I'm sorry. I need my own damn digital camera. But here they are:
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For some reason, I missed getting a picture of Angel. Probably because he was cooking dinner. Plus, getting far enough away from him to take a picture means I'm too far away :) I'll get one next time. I'll get lots next time. I'll even get them on a decent res.

And now to Kaplan.
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Me and Bri

Quiz, spam, and all that jazz..

I am an overly happy A.D.D kitten

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Today, in my mailboxes, I got the following:
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I didn't get any real e-mail today, but I did get a CD in the mail from wintercolours, that I promise I'll listen to very soon. It was great excitement!
And we went garage-saling. Acquired more purple towels, a kittycat keychain, and a pair of wireless headphones. Also saw some much lovely furnitureness sold by people who smoked, so it smelt disgusting. Also saw an armoire with the sign "Omwar" on it. Took me a moment to figure out that in someone's mind, that was how one spelt 'armoire'. Wow.
To the people selling used copies of Dirty Pictures and Read my Lips: Isn't that sort of like selling used sexy undergarments, only without them being washable? Eww.
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Nescafe rabbit

Study report:

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Did some Buzzwords review on Beh. Sci this evening. Will go over Biochem and Pharm tomorrow. I need to know mainly side effects and main indications for pharm; Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis and the Urea cycle for Biochem. That would've helped a lot. I'm worried now, which means I'm fighting off avoidant mode. Dinner, though.
Food. Fries. Chicken Nuggets. *scampers*
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