May 16th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Random. Completely Random.

Heard while accidentally watching a strange cooking show in Discovery Channel: Apart from Harvey Wallbangers, this is the only known use for Galliano.

A true story:
We had a teacher in high school who was Russian. He taught Chemistry. Apparently, the FBI had a dial-a-spy hotline where you could call in and report someone you suspected of spy-like activities. You would call a toll-free number and leave your information on their machine.
They used to call Dr. Goldfeld in all the time. And then one day Shane called him in, and somehow he noticed that the FBI's answering machine was the same brand as the one he had. Funny coincidence, that. So (being a Gifted and Talented student) he tried punching in the default security code that would let one change the message on the machine.
And it worked.
So he changed it. And then they had Yuri come in and change it to say obscene things in Russian. And then a couple of days later, the FBI called the Academy. They'd traced the numbers. Shane pointed out that they shouldn't have left the answering machine with its default codes, and they acknowledged that he was right. But he still got his 'phone taken away for the rest of the year, and had to write a letter of apology.
The rest of us just laughed our butts off.
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