May 13th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

What a waste of a morning...

Woke up at 8, after rolling over every time Angel smacked the alarm for an hour. This is doing better than my usual record. By 8:50, I was on my way out to Curves. There's a new woman working there; we chatted about my arm, and I did my rounds. Worked pretty well, although the bicep-tricep machine on the third round started to hurt my wrist a bit. I'm driving with the splint on, since the last thing I need to do is twist my wrist wrong and go into spasms of pain on the road, so by the time I got home it was only a little sore still.
The Curves I'm a member at is out on Getz, so it's 20 minutes there and back, plus 50 minutes at the club, since I do my warmups and cooldowns as stretches and that takes time. Home at 10:30ish. Then I had to take a shower, and eat lunch, and dick around a little, and now it's almost noon and I haven't opened a book yet. There's a Polycom lecture on Neuro over at school today, and I'm planning on going. I did get through the Anatomy section of First Aid, but there are a few things I'm going to want to go over again.
Tomorrow biochem, Thursday morning is the Polycom on Pharmacology (yum, more Pharm. I suck at it, though, so I'd best go.) and more biochem in the afternoon. Friday (Matrix night!) and Saturday I have Micro scheduled, Sunday I'm reviewing Path, and Monday-Tuesday I'll be scrambling. I need to find my Kaplan CD and take a practise test Sunday night, so as to know what to review on Monday-Tuesday.
And I got a travel pass from Curves, will try to find the one in Georgetown. I have a feeling that would work a little better. Or I could get up earlier.
But for now, I'm done with my raviolis, so I think it's time to go to school and study like a Good Girl.
Nescafe rabbit

The best-made plans of mice and men...

Got to school. Polycoms have been cancelled. Bastards. Not worth 5 hours of my time to drive to Indy for the Pharm one. It's just not. So it is now 2 PM and I have accomplished nothing. But I did get the "Buzzwords for the Boards" book in the mail today, and Dr. Merkle contributed a copy of another review book with test questions on CD, so can go in and use it at school; which makes more material to test myself with. Always a plus.
Angel's going to help me with Buzzwords, although he doesn't know it yet, since it's much nicer than my notecards are (I wouldn't wish having to use my notecards to review me on anyone, but I do it to him regularly) and maybe, just maybe, I'll make it through this. But for now...Well, Princeton Review has 60 pages of Neurology and Neuroanatomy, and that sounds like a good idea to me. Off we go.
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Story from They're making the $20 bill a little bit prettier. Finally. I'm so tired of having the most boring money in the world. How much prettier? Well, a little bit. It has a "metallic green eagle" and a "faint blue eagle" and Andrew Jackson looks like someone forgot to comb his hair in the morning, doesn't he?

See the Bill???

Doesn't he?
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Nescafe rabbit

Rejection. How sad.

I went to the Red Cross with Angel. They said "Are you donating too?" Sure. Why not? And then they asked my blood type, and I looked down at the little sheet they gave me, and I said: B-negative. And they got very excited. And asked if I wanted to donate double red cells.
They need my blood. Too bad I couldn't pass the pulse test.
I don't know why I can't get my pulse under 100. I think it's the caffeine and the sugar and the stress and the extra 80 pounds or so I'm carrying around. I can cut out the caffeine and the sugar. I can try to lower the stress, and, well, there's Curves on those 80 pounds. But will cutting out the caffeine and sugar lower it enough so I can give tomorrow? If they're asking me to give double reds, they need my blood type. And I want to donate. Dammit.

Have found a charming little purple lingerie jacket to go with my black clothing and the boots. Am attempting to decide whether I should leave it as is, put a couple of chain-and-ring hookups on the front, or if I should scrap it and go with the denim jacket. Anyone?
Also acquired a full-length trench coat in professional-looking cloth for half-off. Exceedingly good day.

Tomorrow: Biochemistry. Yucch.
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