May 12th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

And one more thing...

Letters in the mail today:
  • Congratulations on passing Pathology! (signed) Dr. Smith.

  • A bill from ONE for my copay on my broken arm. Thank God for insurance.

  • A letter from the Family Practise clerkship department. You've been assigned to Fort Wayne for your family practise clerkship. Hallelu.

I got it. The only one there was any question of me getting, and I got it. Now to e-mail Carolyn and remind her that she was going to put me someplace rural. After I sleep.

Oh, and Mike? All the little cuttings are in their little pots. Except the succulents, because I'm not supposed to pot them until tomorrow, right? They look so cute.
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Nescafe rabbit

Six degrees...

From Jefe:
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Six degrees of LJ separation? It's kind of fun to play with the random linkage, and see what sort of things you come up on.
But right now...I think I need to brush my hair and get dressed. It's cold in here.
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Nescafe rabbit

Link whorage, study update.

Accomplished today. Have been through entire high-yield section of USMLE First Aid Physiology, will go try and tackle the nasty bits (heart and kidneys) in the Princeton Review this afternoon.
Resolved: to get up in the morning, bright and early, and go over to Curves. Working out first thing in the morning sounds like a very good idea. Besides, it'll get my lazy ass out of bed. A Good Thing.

A collection of images to delight and disgust: Ebaum's World (Warning! Some items contain overly adult content)
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Nescafe rabbit

Nothing like a good case of mistaken identity...

Moo A is Ansible, where my character was formerly Shandahr. She was a commander. She graduated. I relaunched as Teryn. Dakota is a long-time acquaintance of mine, whom I thought I had told about my new character name. Launchie_A is someone I'm trying to give a hand to, and it's not working well.
Moo B is Arcana, where I am Vita and she is Piccolo. Comments are colour-coded.
This log involves two things: the base stupidity to which Piccolo refers later, and what happens when you forget to tell people who you are. I've colour-coded by moo and interposed them in actual chronological order. It's not too bad.
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Done with the Princeton Review cardio section. Next up: renal.
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