May 9th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Always thought that I'd be an apostle....

A brief break since I managed to catch up to where I was supposed to be at the end of today, before I go and start working on tomorrow's scheduled tasks, since the new First Aid has a whole nother Pharm sectiony-bit. I'm almost through 500 mini-notecards on Pharmacology. So glad most of the other sections will go faster; this has to be one of my weakest subjects. Despite the fact that I failed Anatomy, I'm not that bad at it when it's tested by a sane person instead of Vilensky.
I love I opted not to take the free shipping on the 2003 First-Aid and Cracking the Boards books I ordered (the one I had was from 1999, and I'm sure that there are advances we'll be tested on since then) and instead took the 3-5 day $5 shipping. I ordered on Wednesday. They were here this morning. I was duly impressed. Thank you,

Today's study session was markedly shortened by one appointment with Dr. Hamlet (as hot as ever, mind. Some men were so born to wear suits) to get my cast removed. X-rays looked positively beautiful. No stepping in the joint at all, fracture line is totally healed - there's just the markings of bone restructuring around it. Hallelu! And the best thing of all: I have no restrictions. He says I'm good to do anything I want, and showed me all the little range-of-motion tricks to do for the next month while I stretch out these tendons. It's sore. Wow, is it sore. I also have a splint to wear, optionally, when I want to. I think I'll take it to Chicago and wear it to the concert, because it's definitely a possibility of jarring my arm there.
Ed Debevic's doesn't take reservations. Why does that not surprise me?

Today's linkage:
Something Positive, a webcomic with chocolate sprinkles. Warning: if you don't like boneless cats, senseless violence, and lots of jokes that may or may not be in good taste, don't go. I love it.
Also: Tiny Windows Games. Ever wanted to play Tetris when it's the size of your pinky finger? I'm enthralled.

Also noted: Kazaa lite lets you limit upstream bandwidth as you're installing it. And they have none of Kazaa's icky spywareness. And they have MLP episodes. *beams*

Now to see about that "Miscellaneous Pharmacology" bit...
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Nescafe rabbit

Rain, rain, go away...

It's storming out. Like it's stormed every night for the last few days. Maybe that's what's affecting my mood. A little cranky, a little off-beat, a lot unwilling to do anything but sleep. This is not good.
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