May 6th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Truly trivial indeed...

Today in Trivial Pursuit: Jefe rolls, gets History. I pick up the card:
"What Ugandan rugby player--" I collapse in giggles. We all do. For like 10 minutes. Jefe: "Forget it. Read the question, I'll never get it. What's this got to do with history anyway?"
What Ugandan rugby player was described in 1964 as "bone from the neck up and needs things explained in words of one letter." ?

The answer?
Idi Amin.
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Nescafe rabbit

Open season on interpretation: "ineveque"

         still before the storm
     questions washed away
             rain that paints my form
hands of flame and air
                mark a lightning path
    love me if you dare            

       simmers cold and sweet
            love in frozen fields
    molten with our heat
Love me
        in the frosted air
                   lovely lay me down
     lovely take me there

Hands trace
        paths of ice and flame
    leaving joy behind
            sudden heat remains
Love me
         lovely let me know
                 hands trace
    touch and then they go.
NsB 06-May-2003 "ineveque"

I don't know if it's done, or if the stanzas are in the right order. Comments?
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