May 2nd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

One down, two to go....

I crossed myself before I walked into the Pathology final exam this morning. I'm not Catholic. I don't care. "Trust in the LORD with all thy heart, and lean not on thine own understanding." And I put in my time. I really did. So I opened the door and stepped in with the beginnings of a migraine (caffeine intake high, stress levels even higher) and a bottle of Benadryl in my bag. For after the exam, so I wouldn't zone out.
Lowene handed out the exams. 150 choose-one-best multiple choice questions. There were pictures on the front page, and I almost quit right then. Pictures? I didn't study pictures.
Deep breath. It's okay, there were pictures on the practise exams, and you did fine. These are even in colour.
I didn't need the pictures. Crystal-clear clinical histories. Lab results. Answers that had to be both correct or both incorrect. I did the math. At 2/3 of a point per question, I could miss 30 and get an 80. An 80% on the final...would be better than I'd gotten on any Pathology lecture exam this semester. A pipe dream. Best shoot to pass, and count on my autopsy report to make it.
I finished before anyone else. I went back through it, meticulously, just to make sure. When I was done the second time, so was half the class. I circled the questions I wasn't sure on. I counted them. 33. A 78%. Good enough to dredge my score up to passing for the semester. I just wanted a 75%. 78 would be wonderful.
Turned it in. Went to the lab. Answered Scott's question. Hands shaking, stomach knotting. Went back to see.
I stick my head in the door, around the little partition. Lowene looks up. "Nykki! I have to give you a hug..." My heart fell like a rock. A hug? Was it that bad? And before I could collapse, she went on. " nailed it."

Not only did I pass, I had nothing to worry about with that pass. I can't stop smiling. I can't believe it. Hallelu.
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Nescafe rabbit

Funny when you find things...

Was looking for my notes to do the Autopsy report (5/5, incidentally, which is 5% of my grade just to boost me further out of the danger zone) and found two handwritten pages on an old story about an Arcana character. The story never took place, it was just needless character development around a flashback to an incident that we'd made reference to IC'ly but never roleplayed, but I liked it enough to type it in.

So here it is, linked from the arcanamoo community: Maigyn: Reminiscence

X2 tonight. Back to the grind in the morning.
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