April 27th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

O, wow, watch LJ eat my formatting...

Got almost nothing done today, only 20 pages of the 100 I wanted to have done. Wrote out a schedule. Promptly got behind.

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The anal retentive will note that, if I tell you there are 173 questions in the exam, I'm not studying for all of them. I'm skipping Dermatology (5 questions), Paediatrics (7 questions), and ENT (4 questions). Not worth the effort...Of course, I got half of Cardio done and quit tonight, so.

Went to Suncoast today. Triple points day. Ordered Escaflowne box set, got all of Devil Hunter Yohko. Ooooops.
Nescafe rabbit


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Went to the 50th anniversary celebration at Beacon Heights today. I miss it. Pastor Guy, who left when I was 6 or 7, preached. He still remembers me, "You're Nicole? Do you still have your nose stuck in a book?" I laughed. Apparently, I made an impression.
His sermon involved Lord of the Rings, and the Cliff's notes summary of hos it was a microcosm of theology. And he brought Samwise into it. Samwise...who is one of my favourite literary characters ever, because his innocence is so uncorruptible.

And we sang "How Great thou Art" and I almost cried, with everyone there, it was so awesome.

Day's been up and down since then. Still on C-V, dammit. I hate Medicine suddenly.
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