April 22nd, 2003

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Kyrie eleison...

From CNN's Heroes of War:
Volunteer doctors risk bombs to aid Iraq's wounded
By Jeordan Legon, CNN

(CNN) -- With bombs falling around them, Doctors Without Borders refused to leave Iraq -- continuing to work in a Baghdad hospital treating the torrent of sick and wounded despite the dangers of war.
It wasn't long before two members of the Medecins Sans Frontieres -- as the group is known internationally -- were carted away to the regime's most notorious prisons by the Iraqi secret police, accused of being spies.
"The way that they presented it, [it is] as if they don't believe humanitarian work at all," said Ibrahim Younis, 31, an aid worker taken from his hotel April 2 along with Francois Calas, 44, head of the doctors' Baghdad mission.
Calas and Younis were held in a vast jail and two crowded prisons before being freed April 11. The two men and four volunteer doctors who worked at al Kindi hospital in northeast Baghdad resumed their healing work a short time later.
"I'm still here and I'm ready to go on working," Calas told CNN from Baghdad. "We see today more and more needs emerging and ... we're still here and we are ready to do our humanitarian work."
Founded in 1971, Doctors Without Borders dispatches 2,500 medical professionals around the world each year to aid victims of armed conflict, natural disasters and epidemics.
Its volunteers have been kidnapped in Chechnya, died in Honduras and worked with victims of Rwanda's civil war.
Although it received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, the group shies away from the media spotlight.
"This group plunges its doctors and nurses into some of the most dire physical danger in the world," wrote the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in an editorial after the doctors won the Nobel Prize.
"With humane hearts and a will to make a difference, the organization has sometimes wrought miracles."
If some day, just once in my life, I can do something half this meaningful with half this much courage...
And I know it scares you to death, Mom, but I want so badly to be there doing what they're doing. Even if it means prison. And suspicion and torture and everything else that goes along with it. If I die, I'll die making something, insead of tearing something down, as the song goes.
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Nescafe rabbit

Once in a while....

This random LJ-browsing pays off: UN and US: a torrid love affair.
There are a few more (okay, quite a few more) on the page, mixed in with his commute diary. I think I've made a friend to add. I can handle listless tedium of everyday life (after all, what do I post about?), if it's intermingled with wit.
Plus, I agree with him. Always adds humour.

NMS Medicine review book should be here by Monday, so I can cram for that exam. Yay. Woo.

Count: Completed chapters 5, 6, and 7 of BRS Pathology this morning.
Today's goal: Chapter 12.
It is now 14:00. I have five chapters and 6 hours. I think I need food.
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No, if I only had one arm, I'd go around in circles all day.

In the fridge: leftover spaghetti sauce (no noodles), leftover heavy-on-the-cayenne taco meat and tortillas but no lettuce, leftover not-all-that-good pot roast that gave me bowel problems for days, leftover garlic bread.
In the pantry: lots of pasta, rice-a-roni, rice for the rice-maker, canned veggies, year-old canned soup nobody will eat.
I can't go to the store. I only have one functioning arm. My car is a stick-shift.
There are two pans in the house that I can use with one arm. One is tiny. One is dirty.

Running the dishwasher. Fuck the water bill for running it mostly empty, I'm hungry, and a PBJ just doesn't sound apppealing. Maybe I'll melt some cheese into pasta. Yum. Or maybe I'll make quesad-- No, I can't use the skillet. Damn.
Also gave in and turned the heat back on when the air in the house hit 59 in the warm part. Cranked it up to a sizzling 65. I can feel my toes again.

14:27. Going to go eat empty-calorie junk food and study nutritional disorders. Chapter 8, here I come.
Today, I feel prolific and unproductive.
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Nescafe rabbit

Status quo.

15:07 - finished chapter 8.
Wandered around for 20 minutes or so, wondering how long the fucking dishwasher takes to do two pots, a plate, three glasses and five spoons. Started chapter 9.
15:50 - interrupted studying to answer my phone. Missed it. Waited for voice mail to come through after calling Mom and getting beeped at. Talked about cervical cancer. I love my mom's stories. Grandma took DES when she was pregnant with Mom. That puts her at increased risk for clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina. Mom says they told her she had some dysplasia, maybe she should get it looked at again? Maybe. Can't recall if the pap smear picks up adenocarcinoma too. Pathology in action.
16:09 - Back to chapter 9: The vascular system.
16:14 - Dishwasher is done. Move study materials downstairs to make lunch.
Washed pot by propping it against my stomach and sloshing a rag in it. It's clean starchy residue, and I'm going to boil water in it anyway. Right?
Went on a hunt for anthills. Windex does kill the little bastards. Sprayed everything that looked like it was thinking about being an anthill.
Ate. Mmmmm.

17:24 - Finally finished chapter 9.
Angel just left for home. Let's go for one or two more chapters today. Next up: the heart.
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Today's Link of the Moment: Lords of the Rhymes (warning: Tolkien-themed gangsta rap; explicit lyrics and all that).
I am so amused.

19:00 - Angel is home, mowing the lawn. Chapter 10 is done, but I missed 4 out of 23 on the review.. Not as good as I had been doing. Partly distracted by need to raise study-hammock 18 inches (my butt drags the ground). Partly just tired. I should try to get chapter 11 done. Anaemias, yay.

19:49 - Chapter 11 done. All correct but one on the quiz - I know anaemias, we just had them in Medicine. Now if I could only remember that Pernicious Anaemia is a disease, not a generalised B12 deficiency (that makes three times I've missed a question on that)...

Tonight is Shan's graduation day. I can't afford to put time into Ansible over the next month of studying, so I'm graduating her. Coming back with a fresh new character (any ideas for a new recruit of Battle School, preferably male, would be appreciated. I'm stuck) in May.
Everyone else is sniffing and "oh it's so sad" about it. At the moment...I'm kind of indifferent. I'm going to miss the character; it's fun to play a 12-year-old budding lesbian in Battle School, but she's not the only interesting and/or controversial character I have. I'm not going to cry, most likely. Not that attached to her or Ansible.
Everyone who's going to want to see it, I'll log.
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