April 11th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


Doctor says the X-rays look great. 10 days in the long cast, then 3 weeks in a short.
Appointment in 2 weeks to cutthe cast down to short. I'll be taking finals in a short cast, and Boards...well, even if he means to keep me the full 3 weeks in the short cast, I'll have it off by mid-May, so Boards will be cast-free.

I have a note for Curves: light duty and one-handed work for three weeks yet, at least.

Nap, then study and attempting to take a shower by myself, etc. Dinnerdance tonight...where is that godsdamned ticket?
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Nescafe rabbit


Jefe once said to me that he didn't want to become a browsing place for finding reading material, and that was why he never listed friends.
Today, I discovered the real place to whore out you LJ-soul: Communities to post a little bio and beg people to add you to their friends list.
new_lj_friends and a_new_lj_friend, to be precise. And a more disturbing cross-section of bad grammar, AOL abbreviations, and "I love to make new friends, add me and I'll add you back - but my entries are Friends-only, so you can't see them unless you add me" I have rarely seen. *twitches*

While I'm linking: This auction is over, but it is disturbing still... "Everything we own is for sale..."
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