April 10th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Good news and okay news...

Class got out 20 minutes early today. Good thing.
He was so incredibly boring I didn't hear a word he said. Not-so-good thing.
Got just over 2 pages handwritten for Psyche's journal. Good thing.
I have probably another 5 or 6 to go, and how am I going to get them typed? Not-so-good thing.
Medicine cancelled tomorrow. Good thing.
Have to go get placement X-rays again. This is ambiguous, as he likely won't be yanking on my arm again (good), he's exceedingly hot (good), but I'm deathly afraid that my arm has moved and will require surgery (bad). Also dreading combination of beautiful dress and cast/sling tomorrow night, must hope for miraculous healing.
Three extra-strength Tylenol have dampened ache in arm to near silence. Good thing, for all but my liver.
James will pick me up from Lutheran, and Nick is taking me there. Good thing.
Path lab exam Monday. Exceedingly bad thing. Over only three sections. Improving factor.

Damn this broken arm.
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Nescafe rabbit


Everyone else is posting their quiz results from the "what's your rank on the miultidimensional scale of sexuality" quiz.
I took it.
First time: Gay.
Changed two answers: Straight.
Changed one back: Mostly Gay.

Poor confused quizlet...
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