April 7th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

So much easier to do this on Taika...

He pages: what do you mean, exams went ill?
I mean, O Best Beloved, that my grades in endocrinology and dermatology were a less-than-thrilling 68 and 78, respectively. l think we had rheumatology, too, which was a 69. And the really horrid thing is the total lack of interest I had in my actual scores.
I'm back in school, back to wondering if I'm learning anything from Cza ja's lectures, back to the Russian Roulette of Medicine professors, back to panic and resignation, to being nothing more than mediocre.
Maybe next year I'll shine, O Best Beloved. Maybe next year I'll shake off the looming suspicion that I should have just gone into something simple. I'm so discouraged. I want this grind to be over, over, over.
Today: path lab in the afternoon. I hate path lab. Today, though, it's Drs Wagner and McBride - so it may be short as heck. I hope so. I don't need to be dragged any further down.
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Nescafe rabbit

Stream of consciousness: morning

... As far as this weekend past went (the one l was going to write about and then broke my arm), it was a lot of fun. Much to my surprise, I think most everyone got along well. Beo and Stray were as cute as anyone could be, and Quin and Zia were obviously glad to get out of their respective holes. And it was so great to see Mike and Erica again. A real pain that the Sunday and Monday I'd wanted to take for Mike were wasted on four hours in the Parkview ER and the subsequent pain and suffering.
As far as the Fort Wayne people go...
You all rock. James, D, Phloxy...You've given up your free time (D: I have nothing better to do) and driven the hour round-trip across town over and over again to take boxes for us. D and LilyJefe, it's been great to just have someone to help fill the empty space. This has been a better week because of it. Morality talks and all. Still have to move 1/3 of our stuff, the boxes in Paul's room and the basement. Plus my dollhouse. I hate to ask for more...

Been playing Final Fantasy with the DDR pad as a controller. Works pretty well. I find this disturbing. All I'm missing are the L and R triggers. Thanks to HP for that idea...
Mage, despite my inability to type with more than one hand, went well. Got to slap Typheous, too. He deserved it :) I'm so behind on Psyche's journals...was going to catch them up. Maybe l'll handwrite them in my spare time - because I'm going to have so much in the next month. Stupid broken armness.
Good news: Got my cert for half-price Epocrates and there are a half-dozen kids who'll cost-share on the references. Now I need to decide what to buy en masse.
Good news - The changes to exam scores came down from above. Some big changes.
  • Nephrology: 78 to 84.

  • Orthopaedics: 75 to 88.

  • Endocrinology: 68 to 8O.

  • Dermatology: 78 to 89.
Current average in Medicine is once again a High Pass. Yay for grade alterations.
Good news: hour 1 of Medicine today was a quick and dirty review of what we need to survive in 3rd year. Yay for Dr. S, who gave us a handout and said ''What I plan to test you on is in the handout, mostly italicised. " So he's spending his Allotted Time on useful stuff: pictures, show and tell. And how to survive 3rd year. So today hasn't been as painful as I feared.

Supposed to get a copy of the Sanford Guide. Wish I knew a drug rep to suck up to. I'm so cheap.

Today's been a good-ish day, so far, except for this stupid arm and the fact that the freshman have triple jumps in the lounge (will they warn us, next time?) so we have no access to the computers. Ick.

Arm is beginning to ache, though I've done nothing with it. Already took two Tylenol. I hate this.
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Nescafe rabbit


Dinner catered for us by a very nice doc and his wife. Angel can go fencing without me, and we don't have to work out dinner.

E-mail from Indy: our selection packets will be here this week. I can start trying to work out my time in Fort Wayne...

Jim's taking me home. Rachel's taking me shopping tomorrow. I think if I can get some energy together I can do this. He says to know what's in the notes for CNS...suppose I'll try handwriting them. I got a new clipboard to write on, yay!

Today is going almost frighteningly well.
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