March 27th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

26 hours...

House closing is in 26 hours.
Information is faxed.
Mom B is coming up tonight.
My Lily still loves me, even when my words turn traitor on me.
This afternoon at the hospital is the good Dr. L, who takes time to teach and teaches well. Maybe I'll learn something.
Had a breakthrough at bellydancing on Tuesday; I can now swivel my hips properly. Now if I were just 80 pounds or so skinnier so that it looked less like a beluga bellydancing. Angel is impressed, though.
Tonight is fencing; legs are exhausted from workout yesterday.

I don't feel like screaming today, unlike yesterday when I exploded all over Angel because I didn't get home in time to do anything to make him proud. He knows what I mean

Endocrinology packet: 232 pages, 2-inch margins, well-written, skip chapters on hyperlipoproteinaemia and obesity, can skip chapter on calcium balance for exam purposes as well. I and my highlighter think we understand the thyroid. Diabetes, the monster, is up next.
Exam option: come in and take it at 7h00. I am so there. Out of class by 9h30. 8h30 if I don't bother to go to pathology, which I'm seriously considering. Czaja's just reading the notes he prepared in a hurry from the notes Smith gave him, and it's less than productive.

Boxes in hand. 26 hours.
I can't wait.
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