March 24th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

We're all mad here....

Angel, struggling with the box of bubblewrap as he attempts to find the end of the roll: Ah, there, gotcha! Punk-ass bubble wrap.

Closing's been confirmed for 1400h on Friday. For those of you who are coming on Friday for the moving/painting/cleaning/rollerskating/general remembering we're all still young party....(anyone else want to come? SO's are invited by default.)
  • Bring something to sleep on. We'll have no beds, and only one air mattress. Although the couch is free to use too.

  • Bring dice if you have them, snack foods if you want them. We'll probably try out the Chinese and pizza places nearby until I have all the cabinets cleaned to my liking, so if you have money to chip in for that, bring some.

  • First on the list to move for furniture is the couch and the entertainment centre. We need to test out the Dolby Surround setup. Bring DVD's if you like, and think we don't have them in our 80-plus.

  • Someone remind me to call the RollerDome and see if they allow blades.

  • Provided beverages are juice, water, milk, various pop (whatever's on sale) and the current contents of our liquor cabinet. As always, BYO and share if you want anything at all. We have a blender, a shaker, and the best damn bartender in the city (I love you, Phloxy....)

  • Fort Wayne people, stay over if you want or go home if you want, whatever suits you.

  • Angel and I need to go hobnob with the Dean of the Medical School from 5:30-6ish out at the Sycamore Hills Country Club, so we'll probably want someone to house-sit so the out-of-towners don't get locked out. Volunteers?

  • Out-of-towners: Contact Angel ( for directions, please. I suck at them.
Looking forward to seeing everyone. Now I'm going to go sleep...
BigScott offered to review with us if we wanted to at 6 AM. It's midnight now. I need a review. I need more than just a review. I need another week. *sobs* So I'm heading out at a quarter to 6 tomorrow if I can drag my lazy ass out of bed.

Plans: Cinema Centre, 9 PM this Monday night (the 24th), Standing in the Shadows of Motown, for anyone who wants to come.

I'm going to die.
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Nescafe rabbit

7:30 AM....

It's eerily beautiful out in the mornings, in the hours before dawn. The sky is not-yet-light from the east, but its blue is translucently pure, illuminated by the rays of the coming sun. It's beautiful and empty and waiting; a canvas waiting to be filled.
I stopped to get gas on my way in, since the little orange "You're going to get stuck somewhere, you moron" light was intermittently coming on. With prices what they are, I tend to put it off until the last moment. Filled the tank, remembered that I should not ever top off Michel-Ange (poor fidgety baby spits it back out the next time I stop if I do), and wrote down my numbers. Checked them again. Sure enough, I got 20 miles further on 0.1 gallon less than the last time I filled up. Most likely due to the new front end, since I haven't done any out-of-city travelling. 270 miles on 12.6 gallons gives me...21.4 mpg, city driving. Not bad for a sixteen-year-old car. That pleased me.
Angel dragged himself out of bed and made me coffee this morning. What a man. Now to hope that and the adrenaline and the two small blueberry muffins (moist, as advertised, but not all that tasty) will sustain me through studying. Now to hope I learned something.

I went through my exam. I would've done better if I'd taken it today. I learned something this last week, but I doubt enough. So I'm going to Pathology because it's Pathology and I go to Pathology. I can write notes. But when every lecturer in Endocrinology tells us that "well, the handout from Indy is pretty good" and then doesn't really give us any's not worth going; I'll just pass out. And I could use those two hours to review factoids.
Meig's syndrome: fibroma, ascites, and right-sided hydrothorax. Gardner's syndrome: Adenomatous polyps, Epidermoid cysts, fIbromatosis. Reiter's syndrome: Nongonococcal urethritis, uveitis, arthritis. There are more. Damn things. There's something about a lab exam that just kills me.
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Devil Docs...

Navy doctors working for the Marine Corps have a mobile trauma centre, anaesthesiologist and all, can do about 18 surgeries a day...and they do them the way they should be done: on whoever needs help the most.
Go ahead, light into me about how American soldiers may die because Iraqis are being given higher priority. Wail and moan about how the soldiers'll probably just go back into battle and kill more Americans as soon as they can. Whether or not that's true, my friends, these are doctors whose devotion to the practise of saving lives transcends political, cultural, and social boundaries. Medicine is about saving lives, not making value judgments, not enforcing political lines.
For one brief moment, O Best Beloved, I am so fucking proud of the US military...
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She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys/That she calls friends...

Total Kodachromes to memorise, including approximately 250 pictures from the book: Approximately 400.
Total Kodachromes on the exam, including those snuck into the lab portion: 22.
Sub-total: Total IF and EM sections out of 66 kidney Kodachromes: Approximately 10-12, a fair proportion. Plus five more from the 60 book pictures.
Sub-total: Total IF and EM sections on the exam: 0.
Total gross specimens to memorise: Approximately 30.
Total gross specimens on the exam: 10.
Total glass slides to memorise: Approximately 30-40.
Total glass slides on the exam: 4.
Total hours spent staring blankly at Kodachromes, glass slides, and gross sections to try and memorise them: 6, plus an additional 36 working on notes that corresponded to each slide.
Total hours spent in the lab exam: 2.
I hate it when they do that.

But it went well, I think. Didn't feel too bad. Stopped shaking halfway through the first question, which is always a good sign. Here's hoping I don't get extra credit for Peutz-Jegher's polyps. (Smith: "And extra credit to anyone with less than 80% on the exam if you can name the lesion in section B of the Kodachrome.") And we went to Cebolla for dinner. And I finally got the wedding pictures up on our own server (right here, if you've not seen them), and we had flan for dessert, and, and, and...
I was going to go to bed half an hour ago. Going now. *sleeps*
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