March 19th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Oh, dear God.

The following is probably of interest only to those who live in Indiana...
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Oh, dear God. Do you have any idea how many of those I can say "yes" to? Thank you very much, Jefe, for making me feel like I'm never going to escape this state.
Note: NASCAR being not my thing, I'm not sure - but I think the CART vs IRL debate is involved with it. Would someone like to enlighten me?
Also Note: If you have ever had to explain to someone what it means to be lost in a cornfield...
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Nescafe rabbit

Open season on interpretations: "Lay me down"

Now lay me down, I shall not weep
For wasted dreams of long-lost sheep
Thus, every waking ends in sleep
And passes on to morning

I pray what gods and daemons be
To guard my soul inside of me
Lest I, unknowing, set it free
To follow dreams enslaving

For if I sleep, and sleeping, die
Who'll tend my soul away from I
Will dreams devour while shadows cry
If I heed not their warning?

So lay me down and bid me wake
And should I die, I pray forsake
All claim that Hell on my soul stakes
And count me worth the saving.
NsB "Lay me down"
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Nescafe rabbit

Auto setup setup will now begin.

True story - saw it on Emily's screen.

Driving down I-69 to get to Lutheran yesterday (Mental note: talk about opthalmology and lasers and the retinal camera...) and I notice this kid on my ass. Mind you, I mean on my ass to the point where I couldn't see his headlights at all in my rearview mirror. At 80 miles an hour, this - in my opinion - moves from annoying and stupid to outright reckless and suicidal. I moved over as soon as it was safe to do so. I don't want to die for some kid's need for speed. Mind, I'm still doing 80. He zooms past me in his little black Celica and devours my Safe Following Distance like it's nothing, gets briefly stuck behind the Taurus I was Safely Following, and I (still in the right lane) caught up. I kid you not, O Best Beloved, there were less than Two Feet between their bumpers. I was so disgusted at this asshole kid...You can't stop running in two feet.
Dropped back behind Scary Boy and watched him slide his scary ass in a space about one and a half times the length of his car to tailgate a semi. By the time he hit the offramp at the 102 exit (mind, I saw no taillights flash as he exited, going 85 or more) I was wishing I'd gotten his plate number so I could call it in or something. Fucking unbelievable.
The lesson of the day, O Best Beloved: when you speed, do it carefully...
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Nescafe rabbit


From jillofthejungle: "Not a whole lot to catch up on though. I love ayradyss's poems...they're so beautiful to read. So much talent there. It's always a pleasure just to see those in there."
And now I'm bouncing off the walls with general warm fuzzies and happiness....

Before you all who live here in good old FW get all snippy about how I never get excited when you compliment my poetry, it's because I know you and you're my friends, and you're supposed to say nice things to me. Even when you mean them. Whereas People From the Internet have no reason to post nice things about me in their journals, so it means double-lots.

Furthermore, I got out of Radiology early today. And instead of taking a nap, I went to Curves. Go me. Three. Three days of exercise, muahahaha.
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