March 16th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

International Aid

How do we tell the children of Iraq that Jesus loves them?
Joel: Send them a biscuit?
(laughing) Well, you're not far off. We just sent over a canister of rice and a canister of beans. and we had a meeting about what kind of beans to sand.
(General laughter) It sounds funny, but it's important. One of our big donators has these things like Power Bars, and we can't send those - It's not culturally appropriate.

She was going to talk to the children's class, but there were only two of them, so she came to the youth room too. Good thing, since Angel's object lesson in washing car windows has been postponed to a less drear and cloudy day.

The story of Eduardo, who came to the orphanage in Honduras and had never seen grass before that day. "Do you know what I love about living here? I have my own bed and there's always enough food."
He went to bed with his washcloth that night.

And the children's story by Mary, about the most important person in the church:
"What would happen if Juanita came and made Coffee and nobody came to Church to drink it? She'd have to drink all the coffee and eat all the cookies herself. Boy, would she be wired and fat."
I love Mary.

Yesterday was a nightmare of meetings and me getting distracted by everything under the sun. I was going to do notecards today. I'm still going to do notecards today; it's just that some of them will be the first time I've been through the notes.
*twitches* Why can I not motivate myself? This is interesting material, really it is. I'm just so tired of ready to stop. So sure that I have learned nothing no matter how hard I work. What am I going to do next year? What am I going to do for boards? I have to study for boards - I have to do well on them. These aren't the MCATs for me to cram for two days in and ace. These are serious.

Dear God: I'm scared.
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Nescafe rabbit

Today's spam moment...

Are you all the man you could be?
Are you hung like a porn star?
(link)Want to be?
Actually....(1) Short of Swedish surgery, yes. (2) No. (3) No.
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