March 13th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Maybe I should've waited...

Today in Nephrology: diabetes mellitus and Your Kidney. If l had to name an Important Disease for a budding Medical Student to learn about, it would be diabetes. You need to know about diabetes. It's only one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality in the US today. But his idea of teaching us about Diabetes Mellitus seems to consist of presenting us one paper after another on the topic: "And this slide (a slide of a lot of meaningless numbers) shows us that 43% of the patients on drug X experienced a reduction of 1O points in their (score we have no idea of its meaning) score." Study after study. We are learning nothing at all. If he had just put up his final slide (now,an hour later) in the first place and told us that the data were in support of the following treatments for diabetes:
-Tight control of glucose.
-Aggressive management of HTN
-ACE-inhibitors in type I, ARB in typeII (Scott: Why? The pathology is identical!)
-Aggressive control of cholesterol
- Low protein diet
We would have believed him. More, he could have spent his hour teaching us something worthwhile instead of showing us too many studies to care about.
Not to mention the Rule of Powerpoint: if you print out your slides for us (a Good Idea), always print MORE than one slide per page. (Scott: Here, Nykki: here's your tree. And here's your second tree.) We can read slides if you properly format them and print them four to a page. No problem. No, No, really. We can.
Gah. Whydidn't I do what Rachel did and skip this hour to type up my Physical Diagnosis from last week? I would have been productive . for at least one hour of class today.
Wagner ran over, this guy couldn't teach a rock to play dead (Meeta: Why are all of our Indian profs morons? I know I'm cracking on my own race, but really... ), and I still have GIT and Renal to learn by tomorrow night. Dammit. I hate wasting my time like this.
Inspiration dawns: l think I'm going to go work on renal data entry now. Yay for Taika!
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