March 5th, 2003

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Speaking of addiction...

#1: I am currently sitting in class, ostensibly listening to a lecture on gout. It's not that he's not interesting, not that the topic isn't relevant to my education, more that we've heard this stuff about 50,000 times already and he has yet to say something we didn't already know.
Furthermore, his notes have almost nothing to do with what he's saying - appears he outlined the book (does he know we only read Cecil's as a last resort?) and then decided to lecture in whatever order he feels like. There's something counterproductive about it. The only interesting part of the lecture is the neat clinical pictures he shows. Mostly, we're making efforts to stay awake.

If it weren't for the fact that I want Dr. Ragatz to make a good impression on the Governor's Visit this afternoon, I'd skip Radiology; I have no real desire to go. Due to acquiring Taika (yes, that's what I named the charming little Axim) last night at about 19:45 and subsequent dinner and playing with the little beast, I have yet again failed to study anything at all. And in all truth, I would probably benefit more from studying this afternoon than from going to Radiology.
But the Governor's coming this afternoon and it wouldn't do to have nobody in Radiology, when he goes for his tour around the medical school. Not that Mr. O'Bannon's schedule has time to do anything but stop and see the three bright and shining stars of IUSOM...
2PM to 3PM; all carefully laid out in blocks. 2:00: arrival at IUSOM. 2:02: tour. 2:28: go to the medical library (Dr. Ragatz says I must see what they did with the thing). 2:30: R. introduces self, remarks. 2:33: next speaker. And so on. Mr. O'Bannon gets 6 minutes. The Press get 15 to ask questions.
The whole mess involves Energize Indiana; apparently some kind of initiative to create life sciences interests in Indiana. Nice of them to involve us. Bloody researchers. Bloody politicians. Be nice to hear about it BEFOREHAND or something, rather than catching on by word of mouth...

Jim, this morning: If I were a third-year, I could be a hero. Head-on car wreck; we don't know what to do that would be helpful. So he just blocked traffic for the ambulance.
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Nescafe rabbit

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The Governor came to class. We even delayed ending it an extra five minutes so he could see Real Medical Students learning Real Things. It consisted of the last three slides of Radiology, in which he asked us questions that we managed to get right, much to his surprise. And the Governor, looking at CAT scans, obviously had no clue at all. But it was fun nonetheless.
Skipped out on the press conference. Bought two memory cards for Taika. (aiee, too expensive, but I need them) and decided to postpone buying software for a bit yet. Downloaded a few games, fixed Lindy's Clie, and am currently trying to work myself up to do notes.
Damn, I hate studying.
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