March 4th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


Talk about highs and lows...
  • High: got the inspection report for the house today, and it's pretty darn good. Nothing major, biggest thing is we should stucco the chimney.

  • Low: It's another check to write.

  • High: Came home and there was a sticker on the door. Dell shipped my Axim and it got here today.

  • Low: Dell just now charged me for the fucking thing, which meant that we suddenly had $600 in charges on the credit card that I'd thought were already there, pushing us within a few dollars of the limit. I charged lunch on that card today.

  • High: We had our part of the downpayment money for the house in the bank, all squirrelled away safe.

  • Low: I just had to pull a significant chunk out to cover the credit card before we get charged for going over, so now we have to put next Friday's check in there, and squeak by somehow.

  • High: I did get the bills paid out of the alotted amount.

  • Low: Too bad that the alotted amount was just barely enough to pay the bills. I have got to stop estimating so closely.

  • High: Angel reminded me that the earnest money we paid goes toward our downpayment, so that counts toward the balance of "squirreled away", thankfully.

  • Low: Although it was an interesting afternoon at the orthopaedic surgeon's office, we were mostly in the way the whole afternon. Eight of us, plus the doctor, plus the nurse, plus the patient and company, in an exam room. Argh.

  • High: Last patient we saw was funny as hell. That was nice. And I had Casa! for lunch.

  • Low: I charged Casa! on the Discover. Freakin' Dell.

Buying a house is expensive. Not to mention really sort of terrifying. I just want it all to be done with so I can settle down to a schedule with payments I know are coming and how much they'll be. In fact, right now, I'm going to go track down the $30 that Quicken thinks I have and Discover thinks I don't.
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Nescafe rabbit

Oh, and did I mention...

[Parental advisory: explicit lyrics]
...I called UPS to see about picking up the Axim tonight. Three phone calls later, I finally got hold of a real person. "Can you connect me to the Fort Wayne office?" No, he says, they don't have any phone numbers here. But the truck will try a delivery tomorrow...
Nobody will be home between 10:30 and 2, I promise you. We all have fucking lives. We work and go to fucking school. Note: I did not actually continue beyond the first sentence.
Okay, he says, I can have them hold it for you starting tomorrow. I want it now. I've only been waiting for this beast since fucking January. That office is open from 8 AM to 8 PM.
Just fucking great. I don't want to wait until tomorrow.
Off we go to the UPS office, at 7:00 PM, to see if maybe everything's all sorty and they can give me the fucking Axim.
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