March 3rd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

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Lindy (going over tomorrow's schedule): And then we break for lunch. They don't provide it.
Scott: How fucking cheap is that? They're orthopaedic surgeons!

Not that we have a sense of entitlement, mind you. Just that every other doctor who has made us go off-campus for a lecture - particularly when we have lecture from 10-12 and then 1-4 at the same place - has provided pizza. Or Subway. Or let us order Mancino's. Anything so we didn't have to go out, get food, and come back in an hour. Which is stupid. And we're going to let them know about it, Scott says.

I am not enriched by my two hours of Rheumatology lecture today. Not in the slightest. Ye gods, how tedious. Although Pathology with Dr. Lee is always fun. She's the cutest little Asian woman, and I love her accent.

And now off to lab, since Bustamante neglected to talk fast enough to finish her lectures on time before.
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