February 26th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

I am not your friend, I'm not your only friend...

Trash can has clearly not been emptied until it's got nearly twice the amount of trash in it as it was designed to hold. Which renders emptying it a disgusting job.

I've had my fill of disgusting jobs today. We did gynecological and testicular and prostate exams today. With Real Patients, mind you. They came from Indianapolis to teach us how to do these exams. And then to have us do them on them. You have no idea how scared I was.
Had male first. And I managed to control my natural inclination to be the first one, which let Rachel go first. And then Ryan. And by the time he got to me, I had worked out what I was supposed to be doing. Even found his prostate with a minimum of effort. He complimented me on my patient rapport.
It went all right. Couldn't find her uterus, not until the seventh or eiighth try. And just now, I remembered I was supposed to touch base with the reporter again after the session (There's a woman from the J-G who's doing a spread on how medical students learn) but I didn't see her, so it totally slipped my mind.
I'm exhausted. Too much concentrating, trying so hard to not make the whole thing look or feel in any way suggestive as I'm palpating testicles, penis, uterus...And her poor cervix was set waaaay back, so I got finger cramps trying to find it. But I did, I really did finally do the whole exam.
Anyone want to volunteer for me to practise some more? :)
Tomorrow: Physical Exam at PArkview. *consults notes* Musculoskeletal. And then to meet Angel at 5:15 or so at the house for the inspection.
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Nescafe rabbit

Caution: may cause bowel dysfunction.

We were walking through Kroger yesterday, talking about obscure things to put in the muffins (Blueberry-pecan, they turned out to be, very yummy) - and we came across a box of Craisins. Now, Craisins - for those who don't know - will give you constipation if you eat too many. I have it on good authority. And I shared this fact with Angel. "So don't eat a whole box," he says.
Me, walking through the aisles of Kroger, in a normal indoor voice: No, really. I think they should have a warning label: Caution: May cause bowel dysfunction.
Just as we passed some poor innocent clerk restocking the shelves. I wish I had had a camera to capture his expression. We laughed all the way through frozen foods.
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