February 19th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


I can feel the laryngitis coming on. I've been dry-coughing for the last two days, ever since they put me on antibiotics. My voice is sore and tired, hoarse even. But I can sleep this evening, after I finish my rounds.
Pathology exam: 77%

This afternoon: physical diagnosis at the peds clinic. I'd be excited if I felt less shitty.
Tonight: I'm not going to choir, that much is certain. So we're going to go look at a few more houses. And, as promised, the account of the house-hunting trip from Saturday, slightly out of order:
Collapse )

We got a feeling for what we liked and didn't - but what we liked wasn't available, and what we didn't was. Tonight we've got three more houses to take a peek at...and I've got to scamper off to Pediatrics lectures.
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