February 7th, 2003

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Today, in subtitles...

Thursday is a clean day. I take a shower in the morning so I can look semi-professional (Rachel says she's going to take me shopping before we go to Indy, buy some decent "feminine" clothing instead of me wearing Angel's slacks all the time) for preceptors. Then I go to fencing, so I take a shower in the evening when I'm all sweaty. Two showers in one day, and I wash my hair in both. So I'm extra-shiny-clean.

1) The router.
Well, the problem seemed to be not that I forgot to put the nameservers in, but that I added a new one the other day. Apparently, ns4.everydns.net doesn't want to share anything with anyone, and did a lot of bullying all the other nameservers around until they all bowed to its will. And then it zipped its lip. And InterNIC said "Fine. Fuck you too." And all of a sudden when I deleted that nameserver, everything worked. I'm so glad InterNIC is forgiving of people like me and their flaky nameservers.

2) Class.
He's interesting, today's lecturer. He is. Livers are pretty damn cool, if you ask me. But I was so bloody tired, I kept kind of passing out into those sleepy fantasies again. Definitely need to go to bed on time tonight. At least tomorrow is a Normal Friday: only three hours of class. Unfortunately, two of them are GI medicine.
Quotes gleaned from class today and the preceding days:Collapse )

3) Preceptors.
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And we went home at 3 again. Dr. L. ran out of things to talk about - but next time we're going to have to start writing up histories and presenting patients. Why am I so scared of this? I'm terrified that I'm going to make a mistake and someone will die because of it. What if I'm not a good doctor?

4) Fencing.
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On the other hand, I'm clean. And tomorrow's Friday. And I had the most marvellous conversation with Storm-who-really-knows-how-to-fence about my class: Storm> Heh. You should see me fencing sabre. The target area is supposed to be down to your waist. Because I'm left handed, though, I have to either wear a left-handed jacket or a back-zip, and the only non-right lame my club has is an XXXL or something crazy like that. It's hysterical, because I have target area to my knees. It's a good thing I don't fence sabre seriously, because I get thigh-cuts scored against me.

And that's it. I'm off to bed
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I dreamed a dream in time gone by...

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Dreamed, apparently, that Angel told me I should cut my hair. I thought it was real, but when I checked with him this morning he said it wasn't.
Also remembered at the last minute that we have a makeup lecture from Dr. C. about asthma. Lunch and a half-hour lecture over at their place. Which means that I have to dress nice. Why is it that when the newspaper comes to class (Emily: Oh, we're doing ENT exams today? Scott: No, Em, it's your gyne. Emily: Scott! The paper's here!) we can wear our usual jeans-and-t-shirts grubbies, but if we leave the confines of the third floor Classroom-Medical Building and go out in the Big Wide World, we have to Dress Nice? I want to be a doctor in jeans and T-shirts. Or at least comfortable suits.
But I hauled out some clothes of my own, rather than Angel's slacks today - clothes from my brief stint as a Tri-Star representative, in which I sold overpriced overglorified vacuum cleaners to people who couldn't afford them and had just called in to get 8 litres of free pop. A job I think I'm glad I never made any money at and so never actually had to tell anyone I did. I'm shit for a salesperson.
Three hours plus lunch. Three hours plus lunch. Then I can come home and clean up the apartment so we can trash it again tonight.
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Four days in a row now: the Bob and Tom Show has played their newest release - a spoof on the Beach Boys' "Kokomo," called "camel toe"...and the stupid thing has the same catchy tune as "Kokomo," which I used to listen to on the bus going to school every morning.
And it's stuck in my head all freakin' day!

Thank you, Bob and Tom.

Passed an ad for the IPFW wind ensemble today. Realised I hadn't touched my clarinet in something like two years. How sad is that? I miss playing...especially since I did it for fifteen years, second grade through my senior year of college. And then just tossed it aside for med school. I think, once I'm out of residency, maybe I'll try and join a community orchestra or something. I love playing.
No longer timing out of Ansible after 5 minutes. Maybe the router's fixed by the beta firmware. *crosses fingers*
And now to prevent myself from humming the camel toe song in class...
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(no subject)

Yesterday's news: Rachel and I saw First-year Rachel at Lutheran. She seems in good spirits, chipper, upbeat. She'd been there for some pulmonary function tests, scans and the like. The news: She's going to have the stem cell transplant. In consultation with the lymphoma experts in Nebraska, they decided that even though her CAT scan was borderline positive, it was borderline positive and that her tumour pattern was suggestive of a high probability of relapse. And wouldn't it just be horrible for her to find metastases in her kidneys or liver two years from now?
So she's going in six weeks. But she's starting the next round of chemo, including a new experimental monoclonal B-targeting drug that might just kill off the evil bad lymphoma cells. What an incredible girl she is.

Today's news: Got to the asthma lecture a bit late, because I suck at finding the short way to anything. But there was still pizza. (Speaking of...I should go shopping for some food for RP tonight, and then clean the apartment.) Then we went over the exam. He threw out two questions that sucked and gave alternate-answer credit for two more. Which...I think should bring me up 6 points or so. Hallelu. Plus, we told him that one of the lecturers sucked, and he listened. Yayness.
(girlness) Meg noticed my hair. Said the new colour was beautiful. Yay. (/girlness)

Got an e-mail from Dell.
We have reviewed your order. Although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay. We will not be able to ship your order until, on or before 2/21/2003. We apologize for this inconvenience and are doing everything we can to get your order out to you as quickly as possible.
*strangles* I only ordered the damn thing on January 16. Apparently, everyone and his brother wants a Dell Axim, so they're HOLDING UP MY ORDER!

Off to the store. Quotes from RP later tonight.
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Today...is a prolific day.

The discussion was on "female circumcision" (more properly termed female genital mutilation), which is a positively abhorrent practise that's roughly equivalent to whacking off half of a man's genitalia with a piece of broken glass. Please don't ask how it got there.
(OOC) Storm> The US has finally started accepting girls threatened to be given them. As refugees, that is.
(OOC) Shandahr> It's a miracle. I'd be half afraid Bush would recommend them as premarital-sex prevention.
(OOC) Carson> Terrorism leads to premarital sex.
(OOC) Carson> And vice versa...
I laughed so hard.

Then, Angel pages me. "Can you hard-boil some eggs for me for the soup?" Sure, I can hard-boil eggs. Even though I'm twenty-four years old and I've never boiled an egg in my life...
Enter The Joy of Cooking. Eggs, hard-boiled. Instructions in precise detail. I get out my five eggs, I boil the water, I use the little strainer we have for eggrolls to lower them gently into the boiling water, and lower the temperature to simmer as instructed. I watch as streams of fine white material spurt out from one of the eggs. Whoops. I fish out the (apparently, cracked) egg and put another one in.
They came out perfectly. I ate one just to be sure. Yum.

Indy bank people e-mailed back. She accidentally deleted my voicemail on Monday. But she's glad to help, when is a good time to call and when can we meet? *bounces* Despite the part of my stomach that's twisting in positive knots at the idea of taking out a mortgage for so much money! I feel very grown-up, not to mention thrilled to little tiny bits about getting a House of our Very Own. Whee.
Suddenly, I'm glad I have a paid account. I'm so spammy, you'd never think I had a life outside LiveJournal...
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