February 5th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


Godsdamned route keeps dropping my connection. We upgraded the firmware. Twice. One of those, you will note, was the first upgrade. Angel forgot to mention it to the MOO's, so it sort of dropped out from under them unexpectedly. Whoops.
Also: dyed my hair. Medium reddish-brown. Almost went blonder. Smells funny.
Also: went to dinner at Flanagan's with David. Must go to Flanagan's more often. The waitress was this blonde chick who looked about my age but was actually much older, who was unfazed by anything we said as she was walking by. And she laughed when David paid her a tip in Sacajawea dollars, after threatening to pay his whole bill with them.
A good time was had by all. I need to spend more time being social when I can. If only I didn't want to just relax and do nothing once in a while - if I only had more time to relax and do nothing.
Also: It snowed. Looks like fake snow. David: Watch out, it's covering some wicked fake ice.
Tomorrow is Radiology. Maybe I'll skip. I don't know if I feel like going. Depends, I guess, on what topic it is. I'll have to look at The Schedule.
Sleepy. I'm going to bed, knowing I don't have to get up early and study tomorrow. Yay.
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Nescafe rabbit

To stay, or not to stay...

It's quite tempting to go home now. To just forget about going to radiology (Mammography today. Oh, how tedious...) and go take a nap, play a game, do some code...anything but stay here.
But I can't shake the feeling that I really should stay, 'cause I might miss something. Silly rabbit. Maybe I'll take some code to class and work on it. Or something. *sighs*
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Nescafe rabbit

I should've gone home.

Fell asleep during Radiology. Stupid mammograms.
I sort of forgot when I was making the DNS file (with EveryDNS.net) to begin with that I kind of need to mention the nameservers in the DNS file. At least I think that's why suddenly mistwalker.org has ceased to exist to the Internet. Very disconcerting:
$ ping www.mistwalker.org
ping: unknown host www.mistwalker.org
When I know it was there yesterday. So I went to the icann site to pull up their whois.
Which is when I started to worry, because I'm on Mistwalker's connection, and it is so found. Which is when I sort of realised that I'd sort of forgotten to put the nameservers on the DNS.
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But ICANN's whois is starting to resolve again now, so maybe I fixed it.
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