February 4th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

In memoriam...

You are
         the winter's day, caught in
                 these words we pray,
   you are a falling star.
                            You fall
in plumes of mist - you fade
             and yet persist
    you are a falling star.

                      We dream
we, left behind - our hopes
             our hearts are blind
                  you are a falling star.
You flew
      you saw the sky - we know
   you dared to try
you are a falling star.

             You feel
no cold, no winter's chill - we lift
       our words, for yours are still
                  you are a falling star.
We weep,
    we mourn the winter's day - your souls
          are lifted as we pray
  you are a falling star.
                     "make a wish"
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Nescafe rabbit


For what I studied last night, I probably deserved a 40 or 50% on the Cardiology exam. I just couldn't motivate myself.
And then I took it today. And it started off bad, mostly guessing, and got worse. I think I should have a cardiologist on call whenever I come near a patient. I suck. There were a few sections near the end where I felt confident, but the overall impression was that I was going to have to earn that 50%.
Went through it twice. Took it to Lowene. She whips out the key and starts grading. "Oh, ow." First column she just kept marking answers wrong. Flips over the key for the second column...and I didn't miss a one on the second half of the exam.
By some miracle of God, I'm still high-passing. Hallelu.

Scott saw me putting my grades into my little spreadsheet and asked "What's that?" I explained, feeling like such a nerd. "Do you have a blank copy? That's awesome."
Sure thing, Scott. Here you go.

Stocks are up, spirits are high, and this afternoon is opthalmology again. I like opthalmology. The professor's fantastic, and we get to see show and tell of things that can go wrong with your eyes. After the threat of general evilness this morning, today is turning out to be a relatively pleasant and painless day. I think I'm going to go read Donnerjack and enjoy it..
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