February 2nd, 2003

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Got up late. Later than I'd wanted to, in any case. Went over to school and went over gross specimens, glass slides, and Kodachromes with Rachel and Lindy and Mike. I need to spend tomorrow going over notes so I'll do well on this lab exam, not just satisfactorily. It was educational and entertaining, both.
"Amniotic fluid embolus. See? Looks like a baby in that capillary...."
We digressed about Dr. Seuss. We learned. We found some good mnemonics and laughed. Mike is...more sympathetic to me, I think, than he is to a lot of others. Maybe because I listen without getting my hackles up. Even though I think he's an ass.

I was at school from 1 to 5. We talked about the Columbia a little. Mostly, though, we talked about pathology.
"If we have to learn about hyaline membrane disease one more time..."

Came home, told Dad that Michelly's Sarah is thinking about moving off-campus at Taylor, but doesn't know where she'd go. He perked up at that. He could rent the apartment to her.
It's so nailbiting waiting for things...the Axim won't ship until February 27th, the bank won't be open to even start talking mortgages until Monday, I still have a book coming from Amazon... But on the good side, I got Donnerjack today. Good book. Beautiful book.
Without pausing to explain, he began to chant:
Angel of the Forsaken Hope,
Wielder of the Sword of Wind and Obsidian,
Slice the algorithms from our Foe.

As he began to speak, he heard Ayradyss shriek, "Ah, Jay! No!" He tried to obey, but the words seemed to have a momentum of their own and to shape themselves from his resisting tongue.
Mermaid beneath the Seven Dancing Moons,
Cantress of the Siren Song,
Drown our Enemies in the data-stream.
Nymph of the Logic Tree,
Child of the First Word,
Give our antagonist to grief.
You want to know why I picked Ayradyss as my name? Read the book: Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold's "Donnerjack".

Also license plate came, stupid ugly flat new thing. We hates it.
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Nescafe rabbit

Recent spam I've gotten:

Gir1s forced to fsck by Satanists: And all I can think is - Satanists use Unix? Why are all these poor gir1s being forced to fsck? Did the main breaker blow out?
Gang rappists jaculate into Maids from Bronx: Gang rappists, hey? At least they're not gang rapists. I'd be worried if they were, since 'jaculate' sounds like a car-thieving term. 'hey, if I don't jackunow, I'll jaculate...'
cdopzmyypuklcyqgbujnzm (hyperlink): What?
Enlargo: A proven penis enlargement program that will work for you! ...James, you were always saying that you'd do me if I had a penis. Think it'd work?
Stop paying for Porn! The world's first absolutely FREE adult megasite! If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...
Victims rapied by gun in a c.nt: Rapied. Somehow, it just doesn't have the same horrifying effect.
And what I really want to know is how I got on all the rape-porn lists...
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