January 26th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Grammar lesson...

From bash.org:
< CrazyClimber > top dangling modifier of the day:
< CrazyClimber > "A jet going 100 m.p.h. slammed into a deer, which ruptured a wing fuel tank and dumped 70 gallons of gas on the runway. "
< CrazyClimber > i knew about cows and methane, but...
< me_tew > Dammit, when are they going to REQUIRE that fuel tanks on deer be moved away from the wings.
I laughed so hard....
Got Lilo and Stitch back from Mom today. My craving for cute and fluffy is finally sated.
Notes are all typed, for the studying tomorrow (read: cramming in panic). Seeing as how I was flat-out exhausted after typing them up, so I played Diablo instead of going right into reviewing them. So I'll be making notecards all freakin' night tomorrow in a desperate attempt to memorise everything.
Cardiac medicine, 27 pages. Done. Vasculitides, 24 pages. Done. Lung, 21 pages. Done. Male Genital System, 15 pages. Done. Question breakdown for the exam:
12 questions on blood vessels (vasculitides)
12 questions on cardiac
15 questions on lungs
6 questions on the male genital system
=45 questions. Going to die, going to die, going to die.
And to make it worse, Chicago is playing tonight and tomorrow night...and I didn't know in time to go tonight, and I can't go tomorrow, I have to study. I have to, really I do.
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