January 22nd, 2003

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Wednesday Medicine composite exam:

Allergy and Immunology: 30 questions, 4 points.
Pulmonology: 50 questions, 22 points.
Anaesthesiology (open book, take-home): 15 questions, 2 points.
ENT: 11 questions, 4 points. (We were given 6 questions of the 11 in advance)
Guess what I studied tonight.
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Nescafe rabbit

Sense and sensibility...

Got out of the exams early, after only about 40 minutes or so. As always. Walked into the lounge and Rachel the first-year was there.
It seems she took her PET scan to IU, for another reading. And they say she might be in full remission after all. Still going to have a consult in Nebraska, and another PET in 3 weeks. But it might be okay. I hope so. She's taking the leave of absence for the year and planning to come back next year, seems to be in much better spirits. Pray for her.

The exams...
Well, I know I got my two anaesthesia points. And my four ENT points, most likely. As for Pulmonology and Allergy, I feel confident that I exceeded the 54% target score by a significant amount (despite the utter rape indicated by the first few questions in the allergy exam - who knew we were going to have to know the test acronyms?), so probability whispers in my ear: I'm still high-passing.
Kickass. Now for the Pathology exam on Monday that's so going to make me its bitch.

In other news:
I have a Permanent account on LJ now, having discovered that (a) they had them for sale briefly and (b) I could transfer my year's paid account to Angel so we didn't lose the payments we'd made. Seeing as how I use the bloody thing all the time. I've also been pulled into getting a user account on HP.

Radiology this afternoon. Must find something to work on writing, else I will wind up taking a 2-hour nap again. When the first professor comes into the room and says, "I write the test. We'll have a review session in which I'll do everything but tell you what letter to put on what number," it kills any motivation at all that I might have had to keep my eyes open and on the screen while radiologists put up grainy black-and-white slides of X-rays ("and right here are the kidneys, and you can see the sigmoid colon here, and the small bowel with air in it here...") that hold none of the detail that they are so enthusiastically outlining with the laser pointer. It kills any reason at all for me to even attempt to fathom why he's so sure that this grainy black area on the ultrasound is a bladder, when it looks like a bad test pattern to all sixteen of us.
I kid you not, boys and girls. Sixteen medical students looked at these slides and thought privately, "I hope nobody else sees anything." And most of us just flat-out fell asleep. Jim and company are planning to skip lecture; I think that sounds like a lovely idea but can't bring myself to be so rude.
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Nescafe rabbit

Those were the days, my friend...

Well, Radiology wasn't so bad today. He asked us how the last one had gone. We told him - pretty bluntly - that it had been two hours of not seeing anything he pointed at. He grins and says "This should be better."
And it was. He pulled the 8 or so of us who were there over to the light boxes and handed out films. "Go ahead, put them up. No , no, which way do you think is up?" And then had us try to read them, find the anatomy, look around.
I learned something today. I learned a lot of things, remembered where others were. Discovered that you really can see the kidneys on an X-ray, if it's done right. And kidney stones. And colon cancer. Today was a good day.

Preliminary (before the curve) scores on the Medicine composite exam:

Anaesthesia (2 points): 100% (big surprise there)
Allergy and Immunology (4 points): 83%
ENT (4 points): 82%
Pulmonology (22 points): 82%
We'll see how high it gets curved. Last year pulm. had a 7-point curve. In any case, I'm still high-passing.
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