January 20th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Did you ever dance with the Devil...

...Last night was a pleasant blur. The best of it came in several peaks of happiness, the first when my cell phone rang as Angel was in the shower.
Ryken called me. It wasn't an incredibly long chat with him, but it was so good to hear his voice. So good to be able to tell him I missed him, talk with him...Especially after missing his last two calls. He's going to Mississipi next, to tech school. Maybe he'll be able to find a laptop, maybe he'll find a net cafe and be on once in a while. I miss him. So damn much...
We couldn't decide where to go to dinner. It was already something like 6:30 when we started calling random Asian places for reservations. Asian Bistro didn't answer the phone. Mikado did. Sukiyaki, which is sort of Japanese fondue, and sake and low lights and real Japanese waitresses and a bill that made me wince. Oh, but it was wonderful. I could've stayed there all night, except...well, except that we had tickets to the dance, and so we went. We stayed a couple hours. Got drinks at the bar. Then caught a cab home because we hadn't driven there, watched MS-NBC investigates and had a lovely bit of alone time. *coughs*

And then came home. I have a new coat, we have new jeans, I have earrings and necklaces and hose (two pairs of which I ruined) and a network card for the Dell palmtop that should be coming in the mail soon and I'm going to have to take out student loans to pay for the bloody programs to put on it. *snarls* I will share the cost of the books for specialties I'm never going into. It makes sense for me to have a Harriet Lane. It does not make sense for me to have a medical text for neuro when I'm not going to do it for more than a month.

The car adapter for Shain (the laptop) works great, although the poor beast is exhausted from going hither and yon, and I should shut it down and let it get a little rest. I'm finally done with the notes on arteries and veins, and I can start on the notes for the lungs and then male genital system (Why o why did they have Dr. McBride do the male genital system? The man is so unbelievably hot...and there he is popping up pictures of syphilitic penises and torsioned testes and wincing every time he does. It was different when Merkle did diseases; he didn't have this gorgeous baby face that you just want to...) Okay, rambling. Getting slightly obsessive about this. I need to move on.

Tomorrow: no school. Which is why, at 1:55 in the morning, I'm eating carrots and peas and ranting on my livejournal. I think I'm going to call Michel-Ange in sick tomorrow, try to get him aligned (Stupid gay car doesn't even drive straight) and get more notes done. Trying not to obsess over the Wednesday Pulmonology Medicine exam that I haven't studied for. Stupid pulmonologists. This is going to suck. And Allergy too. But at least it'll clear out something like an inch of notes in my binder.

Wednesday-Medicine, Monday-Pathology. And so it begins.
Current score: Cardiac medicine, 27 pages. Done. Vasculitides, 24 pages. Done. All that's left for the next exam are four sections of lung (Thank you, Dr. Burkhardt, for having beautiful notes and straightforward exam questions), male genitalia (which, if I can get my mind out of McBride's...Never mind. I'm not going to finish that thought. He asks good questions too, though) and then I'm done. I can handle this. Especially if I get my ass in gear tomorrow.
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