January 15th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Thank you, guardian angel...

I'm driving down Jefferson. I turn on my blinker to get into the left lane, just as I'm crossing Lafayette. Just like I always do, because half of the left lane turns down Lafayette two blocks before I want to turn, and it's so much faster to just cut in then. I turn on my blinker as I'm crossing Lafayette, slide over into the left lane after going a good fifty feet or so past the street, because you're Not Supposed To Change Lanes in the Middle of the Intersection. And I check my rearview mirror like a good girl. All clear. Halfway through, I look back again. There's a guy in a silver BMW who apparently decided that doing 35 on the right side of the road wasn't good enough for him, and he's cutting across two lanes of traffic in the middle of the intersection, while accelerating. Into the lane I am changing into, which I cannot cease changing into for fear of running into a giant dump truck. He doesn't back off, I accelerate and get in my lane, he tailgates me for like four blocks, revving his BMW engine before passing me as I'm going 45 in a 30 zone. Asshole.

Clinical cases this morning, for an hour. That was nice. I like clinical cases. Especially when they have little "These might be on the Boards" questions after them, and we get to talk about them in class. The other two hours were a little droopier, but I did manage to stay mostly awake for most of them. This afternoon: Radiology. Seriously considering a nap. I think I'm going to need it. I don't want to go to class.
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