January 14th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Further proof that my car is gay..,.

Michel-Ange has been misbehaving lately. Ever since Angel took to driving him to work, as a matter of fact. He's sulking and pouting, refusing to start until I beg and plead and promise to be sweet to him. Fucking diva gay car. Everything's fine until a man touches him, and then it's "Fuck you, honey. I got needs."
Flooded the engine this morning, I think. But he's never done it before. He's been so tolerant and kind to me...and then Angel's driving him to work and we stop by the Ford dealership to drop off the Taurus (which, by the way, has been fixed now), and he just flat-out refuses to start until it's almost late enough to make me ate for school. But not quite that late. Like I said, he just wanted to make sure I was good and worried about the whole fucking thing.
My car is not only gay, he's a flaming diva.

In good news, the following:
From: Stewart, Carol S
To: Boersma, Nicole S
Sent: Monday, 13 January, 2003 13:04
Subject: RE: Family Practice and Peds third-year clerkships

Nicole, all you have to do is choose Ft Wayne as your Peds outpatient preference when you complete your preference forms. You have to do your inpatient Peds in Indianapolis. It is usually not a problem to schedule your Peds outpatient in Ft Wayne. (I can't speak for Family Practice, but it's not a problem for us.) It also doesn't hurt to send me an email reminder about 4-6 weeks before you would begin your Peds clerkship, just as an added assurance.
What that means, boys and girls, is that I get my Outpatient Peds right here in Fort Wayne, almost guaranteed. All but signed and sealed. One month of three down, two to go. I'm waiting to hear back from the Family Practise people, and Carolyn emailed me to tell me all I had to do was let her know what elective I wanted to do here. Emergency Medicine, I think, or maybe an extra month of FP...now that might be intriguing. I'll have to look at the options.
And now to bed.
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Nescafe rabbit

"Now! He's taking a breath! Let's go!"

From Yesterday Morning:
And the TB lecturer, while very interesting and engaging, especially when compared to the Asthma lecturer who completely failed to show up (Lowene: "He's probably out saving lives." Scott: "He'd better be - because now we can't."), droned on and on and on, lecturing from 10:55 to 12:05 instead of 10:45-11:45, which would have allowed us the normal lunch hour.
Lunch isn't that exciting today anyway - just fish, rice, and veggies - but it's being somewhere other than the bloody classroom. At least this morning marked another first lecture by Dr. Burkhardt, who always spends his first lecture showing us slides of all the places he's been and seen. Today, it was Chamonix, France, so we had 40 minutes of mountains and hikes and 15 minutes of lung anatomy. It's been a slow day so far.
Nescafe rabbit


It snowed last night - the kind of snow that doesn't make ice, brushes off the car neatly, and begs to be played in. I wish I could. I wish I didn't have to go to class in the morning, I wish I didn't have to play Medical Student and sit here in these classes.
I wish I could just blow off the classes, sleep 'till ten, and play in the snow all day, all bundled up in my warm coat and gloves and boots. And come in freezing cold at noon for hot soup and grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Iwona missed half of class this morning. Listening to her telling the story of why. I-69 is blocked, northbound and southbound. Her daycare's on Illinois Road, which is where everyone's trying to get off. Plus a lot more.
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(no subject)

We had an allergist lecture today. So, out of curiosity, I asked him about my nose-itching. We think, Angel and I, that we have it narrowed down to wines with a high sulfite content and foods with MSG in them. And I explained the whole thing. And he gave me a quizzical look. "Just your nose?" He laughed a little, too. But he says it's entirely possible that I'm allergic or reactive to MSG and sulfites, and I just have a very strange reaction. Daddy's allergic to sulfites. Maybe I got it from him.
It's a great party trick. Feed me cheap wine and watch me spend hours batting at my nose, because it won't stop itching. Doesn't run much, once in a while my eyes will get into the act, but mostly it's just my nose.

He was an interesting lecturer, the allergist, especially with his story (true story, boys and girls. He saw it when he was in training) about the woman who was allergic to seminal fluid. Every time she and her husband had sex, she wound up in the ER in anaphylaxis. He had to wear a condom to keep her from reacting. Wouldn't that just kill a relationship, until you figured it out? "No, sorry, honey, not tonight. I want to breathe."

It's 3:45 PM. We're out a touch early, hallelu. That means I can go home and throw something in the fridge to marinate or something, and then maybe get some notes done before I die of longdayness. I hate medical school. Have I mentioned that recently?

Got out the third-year calendars this afternoon and went through them. I know when I want to do my FP-Peds-Elective months, so it's basically a choice between doing OB and surgery first or Neuro-Medicine-Psychiatry first. And frankly, I just want to get Neuro out of the bloody way. I know I'm never going into it, I'm not all that good at it, and if I do it right after Boards I'll have just reviewed recently - so I should know the stuff better, right? So I've got options picked out, going to go over them with Angel and look at everything. *fingercrosses*
And this is the point where God does God's magical God-thing, and all of my choices and options will fall apart and fall away until there's only one clear choice for what to do. That's how it always happens for me. I don't really have a choice in life; I'm doing what I'm needed to do, what I'm called to do, and I'm finding that every time I try to go another way, I'm stonewalled and left dragging my feet, exhausted and abused.
Funny how it works like that.
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Sayonara, Samuel....

Stopped at the store. Never mind getting home early, it's almost 17:30 now.

A random note on health-food nuts. There's this long argument about what one should feed a baby (coughcoughBREAST MILKcough), which boils down to:
"Don't feed babies icky cow's milk. It gives them allergies and increases their chance for diabetes. Feed them this delicious, nutritious, wholesome Soy Milk instead. It's much better for them."
Soy is one of the top five allergenic substances for kids that exist. It's right up there with milk, peanuts, and eggs. Does this strike anyone else as a little bit odd?

Feeling adventurous today. Bought soy-based pseudohamburger. It's not bad, in tacos.
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