January 11th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Bed for sleepy children...

Missed Clarabear because I was watching ID4. Snuggled up against my Angel, listening to explosions in the Dolby Surround (One of our speakers, you will note, is taped to the wall using some of those neat 3M strips that pull off, and it works Just Fine) and suddenly discovered that after we paused the DVD once (to go downstairs and find out why the dog was barking) all the subtitles came on. After a frantic search for the remote, we discovered that the Couch Ate It.
No surprise there for anyone who's been to our apartment. The Couch eats everything.
Subtitles off, we continued the movie. Only to discover that in the Special Edition with Added Footage, all of the Added Footage had indelible French Subtitles suddenly. It hadn't been like that before we paused it. Ah, well. Made it easy to tell what was Added Footage.

A message for your health, from PVPonline.com.
And that's it. I'm going back to bed.

Thanks, Pete.
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Nescafe rabbit

Must Share...

Courtesy of mollyringle's LJ entry today. Seems someone got hold of a bootleg LotR:Fellowship DVD with some amateur subtitling. Which is just...*laughs* fantastically funny, especially if you know the story. No cracks on the actors this time...it's all the subtitler.
Find it here.
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