December 27th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Happy Birthday to me...

Present count: the last two Lain DVD's and soundtracks to both LotR movies. I love my angel.
Spent the day at work with him - but nothing amusing to tell today, since I slept and played Gameboy the whole time. Except that it's very snowy out.
But we went out to dinner at Takaoka, which is the cook-it-in-front-of-you Japanese place in town where we go on very special occasions, and I wore my perilously short dress with my boots, and when we came out, there were people with a horse-and-carriage from one of the carriage-ride-places, and so we took a carriage ride because we had just barely enough cash between the two of us to pay for it.
I was going to write a whole long paragraph about riding in the carriage in the crisp, cold black of the winter air. I was going to talk about the arrhythmic jingle of bells on the horse's harness, and the clip-clop of the hooves in staccato rhythm against the pavement. I was going to talk about the bite of the cold on cheeks and ears, the warmth of the lap blankets, the way Angel kept his arm around me the whole ride, nestled up close to him. I was going to tell you how I couldn't stop grinning, even once we got our frozen faces into the car. I was going to talk about it. But...I can't. I lose the words in the magic of the mo ment.

It's been a lovely birthday, and the presents I got are nearly forgotten, swept away by the wonder of that carriage ride in the night, the magic of a half-lit room waiting to be seated at Takaoka. It's been...a lovely day.
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Nescafe rabbit

Who am I? Vingt-quatre-six-oh-un!

She pages, "If I need to go and pick up B from wherever he lands, call me so I know. OK? ;) See ya in the afternoon."
[Public] Phloxin gets in the car to drive to Indy. "I'll be waiting for you"

I used to wonder what made people want to stick around me and my friends. What, besides love, made Lily want to come back, Picc to consider flying back up here for a Christmas party on the spur of the moment..
If I didn't have work today I'd be packing for Indy right now, dangit. Guess that's what I get for not signing online for 2 days, though the idea probably wouldn't have come up until tonight anyways, oh well...another time. Amazing how the mention of brownies can nearly get me halfway across the country. All i needed was a flight a few hours later and I could have swung it, so now I get to play responsible and go to work, BLEH.
Zia to come back even though she and Ryk spent half the time with each others' hackles running the wrong way, B to buy tickets every leave he gets...

I think I know. It's the completely selfless love that you guys show everyone who comes here. We have our moments - crass and cruel and biting and angsty just like anyone else - but there's so much more. And it's such a sweet feeling, knowing that the friends I have are such wonderful people.
I love you all.
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