December 25th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Although it's been said, many times, many ways...

We opened presents yesterday, Angel and I, because today was going to be all-day-at-Mom's, with the Bever family, for Christmas. He and Mark got me a Gameboy Advance. I've already made my thumb sore playing Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and getting my ass beaten soundly by it.
Also on the List of Stuff: A Stitch doll that matches my Lily's, pretty necklaces (a fairy and an amethyst), earrings that look like screws going through people's ears (which I think I'll wear today to freak out Mom), Super Mario Advance (I am so going to lose that tiny thing), and the whole Magic Knights Rayearth first season on DVD. Very much prettyness. I still out-presented Angel, though, and I found a "Forgiven" fish necklace with Japanese on the back, and a tie tack. Muaha.

Mom called this morning as we were trying to get ourselves together to make it in time to have family Christmas before the Bevers all got there. Seems those five inches of snow mean that things will be postponed, but come over for presents and lunch anyway. Drive carefully.
I hope it doesn't snow too much more; I don't want to have to get the snowblower out. That would involve moving a car, backing the van out, getting the snowblower out, and putting the van back in the garage when I was done, right smack snug up against the table at the back or else the door won't close. Ick. But the radio man promises two to four more inches, so maybe we'll just hermit for a few days. I'm so glad I got Michel-Ange's brakes fixed.
Did I mention? Both back calipres and the front right calipre were rusted open. And a cracked CV boot, and there's a tiny oil leak in the engine, but I didn't want to pay $200+ to have it taken apart and found. But they took my power steering rack apart and put it back together for free, since the part wasn't broken, and it might not leak much now. And they tightened my parking brake or something, so it takes two hands to set now. Wow.

It snowed.'s beautiful out, and everything's coming together for this crazy Christmas potluck with my friends that I'm trying to organise. James brought his alcohol over yesterday, and the liquor cabinet is now quite adamantly full. What fun. I'm glad we have the house to ourselves, since Z might be able to make it too, which would make thirteen or so. That, my friends, is an incredibly warming thought. For some reason I think to myself that I have no friends in Fort Wayne area...but around the holidays, it seems I'm wrong. Christmas potluck, Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza...what fun.
It snowed!
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Nescafe rabbit

Today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Expect a soapbox rant in the coming days, as soon as I find a reprint of Molly Ivins' column that was published in today's Journal-Gazette. She syndicates from a Texas newspaper, which reprints her columns online - it appears - so I'm hoping they'll put this one up.
It made me cry. And without typing the whole thing in again, I can't explain why save to say that it's a superbly written commentary on the economic policy that afflicts our country today.
I voted. I have the right to complain, to voice my opinion. And I must say in no uncertain terms that the direction this country's leadership seems to be taking terrifies me. But the rest...the rest will have to wait. Ms. Ivins said it far better than I can.

That said, tears dried, nose blown, Christmas here at Mom's is going swimmingly. Carols and presents, ham and casserole even though the family is just the six of us. Mom called Michelly in France to say Joyeux Noël, and we chatted a bit. I miss Michelly. Food, from the smell of it, is on the table. Mark and David and Angel are planning to come home and play computer games. I'm going to work my thumbs raw on the Gameboy most likely, since they got me more Zelda. I now have Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, and Oracle of Seasons. Just missing Oracle of Ages. Seeing as how I've never finished a Zelda game, this should be intriguing.
Also in the list: money, of course, gift cards to Borders and Barnes & Noble, a beautiful wire sculpture of an angel holding a candle, a Christmas sock (Yes - one Christmas sock. This pleases me very much, and not in a Harry Potter way. It's because I haven't matched my socks, ever, in the last eight years.), pens, a book about Duct Tape, and an ornament.
All in all, a good Christmas. I got to carol. Carolling is good. And lunch. Dinner. Whatever, it's going to be yummy.
And it's still snowing.
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