December 19th, 2002

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I get up this morning, and make a pretty decent shot at reviewing things between 6:45 and 8, when I realise that I'm not actually reading anything any more - I'm just staring at the pages, thinking I'm going to fail. I'm going to fail. Which is the point at which I started packing things up for school.

Mind you, Michel-Ange is still in the shop (There's a giant list of things gone wrong, and I'm only having them fix the vital ones that cost less than $400 or so), so I get to drive The Probe. This is my little brother's car, for when he's allowed to drive by himself. It's sporty, it's red, and they put a kickass sound system in it that has too many buttons for me to even understand how to turn the radio on. And the driver's-side shoulder belt (one of those automatic doobies that should slide around the door and sort of automagically enclose you in nylon webbing) doesn't work, so it hangs in mid-air, obstructing part of my view.
And the car goes klunk. Every time I turned right, or went over a bump with the right wheel, there it was: klunk. And it took me half the ride to school to figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers. This was not the way to soothe my nerves.

But I made it. And then I hopped in to take my exam, and looked at the first question and said to myself, "I know that!" Finished the exam, ran a worst-case evaluation (Miss all the unsure questions + 1/2 of the not completely sure questions) and got a failing grade, but barely. Mostly due to the not-completely-sure questions, of which there were a lot. Thought to myself, "That's good enough."

...And ten minutes later, I went back to see Lowene (the marvellous, the wonderful, who bought us back massagers for Christmas. And she showed me my grades.
Passing grade on the final is 70%, at least as far as I recall from all of our previous classes. And I pulled a 74%. Which makes my semester average a sufficiently-passing 78-point-something. I should have come in and gone over previous exams; there were a lot of repeats. And I second-guessed 3 questions, godsdamnit. I need to stop doing that.
But it's over. It's over-over-over. And that's all I care about. Still waiting on Pharmacology, but I don't really care about that either.

Mike: "A back all I need is to massage my hypothalamus."
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Nescafe rabbit


Lowene (I love you, Lowene!) found an error in the test key. I got a 76%, not a 74%.
While that might not seem like a big deal, remember that ordinarily, a 75% is passing; the 70% cutoff is only on the finals. So we have a mental block in our heads: 75% is passing. And I'm above passing.
I'm so ecstatic.

Dinner (at the House of Hunan) was wonderful. Dr. Smith started off his little speech, after receiving his Order of the Xanthomas polo shirt that we had embroidered for him (semi-inside-joke that I'll try to explain some other time), by congratulating us. We all passed the first semester.

In other news, I never want to drive The Probe again. We're going to pick up Michel-Ange in a little bit, and I'll be so happy. Turns out they didn't have to replace the middle part of the steering rack, so it still leaks but I don't have to pay $200 for the part. And my brakes will work.

Wrapping Christmas presents for Angel while he's away. We're going to go get a tree tonight.
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Nescafe rabbit

A cat and a ball of yarn...

Bought a roll of ribbon at Wal-Mart. Went to peel the glittery ribbon off the middle of the roll, only to discover that all SIX different ribbons were fastened down by ONE piece of double-stick tape.
Didn't think to cut the tape between the ribbons. Just ripped it off. Mmmm...sorting out tangles of ribbon. Whee.
I've made such a mess wrapping presents...but they look so byootiful.

And still no tree. But we're going tomorrow.
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