December 18th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit


It's 3:30 AM, and I just got home from the 12:01 showing of Lord of the Rings.
I have a list of things to talk about, but right now...Right now, it's most definitely bedtime.
Note: I took my notes to the theatre. I got quite a surprising amount of studying done.
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Nescafe rabbit

Lazy days...

So I spent the morning sleeping on the floor in the corner at Tempus. Too tired.
It's one of those days, I can tell already. Internal E-mail on Matt's machine: "We've been really shafted by (Major Company) today. Most of the T-1's are down, and the Internet too. Please be patient while I bitch at them."
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" you have a window up that says Tempus? Oh, wait, you don't have the System Manager. We've been through this already. Hmm...I might be able to mail you a floppy. How soon do you need this stuff?" Someone's tiiiiiired :)

Ideas for the help desk software: A "Pend until:" status, where you could have it basically removed from the queue for the day/week/month, depending on the customer's wishes. So you call the video store back. "Oh, Bob's the only one who's allowed to touch the server, and he's not in until Monday." So you pend the item until Monday, and then you don't have to keep looking at it and going "Oh, I should...oh, wait. There's a note to call him Monday."

11:54 - They think the RAS lines are up, at least, so they can communicate with the servers.
...And Jerry just walked in with a network cable, Just For Me.
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(no subject)

Went to get lunch. Got supremely distracted by the sale in the Christian Bookstore next to the Chinese place. Bought Christmas Presents for Angel. I think I'm going to make him carry the giant black trash bag containing one of them in, just to torment him.

To: Girlfriend
From: Chikatillo
Subject: I love you ... :-)
The content of the message is a single graphic with the text "Terrible Rapes - as hard as possible" and a weblink.
I'm so disgusted.
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Grand Theft Video

"...The audit file is not covered in the manual for a reason. We only tell that to the owner, since there are some real sharp kids working in video stores these days..."
Owner called up wondering why suddenly a bunch of customer histories are all blank. And videos are rented on deleted tickets, then checked in several days later. Hmmm....

Listening to them discuss all the changes to make for the next version of Spectrum, and how to make it faster and nicer. It's really kind of cool.

Pages done: 368. Sections completed: 22. Next up: Genetics. 17 pages, 2 questions. Just wrapped up looking over parasitology. Ranasinghe's section - 42 pages, 2 questions. It's almost not worth it. I just skimmed over it, really. I'm so annoyed. I hope he asks about syphilis. I know all about syphilis. I don't know anything else, but I know about syphilis. Mom Boersma: "You'll never see a case of tertiary syphilis unless you...well, with what you want to do, maybe you will."
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And again...

Angel pauses, sighs, repeats "Hello?" into the phone several times, and then shakes his head. "...And there goes the T-1 line for the RAS server and phone lines 7 and 8 again. We're hosed." Just after he was finally getting someone connected.
David: "Oh, watch the lights! Jason's roaming around checking the phone lines now....yep, we're hosed."

Fortunately, this time it didn't last long.

In world news: Apparently, according to the South African minister of health, AIDS was introduced by the Illuminati and the U.S. government in 1978 in an attempt to reduce the African population. Note the Illuminati mention. Fnord.

And back to notes.
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Once upon a midnight dreary...

So, near the end of FFX, the little computer-generated Tidus is running across the computer-generated background, and this little computer-generated spike of (ice? glass? I think it's ice) shoots up in front of him. And Angel steers the poor guy face-first into it, and the little computer-generated Tidus does a little backflip and falls on his CG ass. Why do I find that so funny?

Done with the notes, first time through. Grand total: 415 pages, 28 sections.
Now I just have to get through anything that has more than 4 questions a second time.

Dear God: Please let me pass this exam.
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