December 16th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Reading notes:

My pathology professor has a flair for the bizarre:
"Dear Lord Above: Don't let the tumour necrosis factor get me. Dear Tumour Necrosis Factor: If you're more powerful than God, I'm sorry."

So Quinby can connect just fine anywhere except the port Arcana's on. Which might have something to do with the fact that it's on the default port. Maybe I should have moved it, oh so long ago. It's a little late now, I suppose. But she's not the only one to have troubles with the default port. Interesting, that.

*ponders* It's nearly 1 AM. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Why am I not tired? So much to do tomorrow, so much to study. I'm so freakin' far behind. I can't concentrate, I can't think, I'm not motivated...all in all, it sucks. Blows goats.
Plan holds for me being done with all my notes on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Then to spend Wednesday on a second go-round. I got maybe fifty pages done today. Maybe. Of a thousand-ish.
Ahh, hell. I'm going to sleep.
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Nescafe rabbit

Finals Week

Me, to my brain: Come on....let's just get through Pharmacology
Brain: Okay, you got a deal.
Me: Great job, brain! Now we've just got--
Brain: Fuck you. We made a deal.

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Nescafe rabbit

All about Cars

Went to drop off Michel-Ange this morning (cold morning, so cold) and got there before Independent Honda opened. So, as ever, I pulled the car in, took my key off the ring, and wrote Scott a note letting him know everything that was wrong with poor poor Michel. I should have written it at home; it was so cold I could hardly keep my fingers wrapped around the pen to write.
  • Brakes are extremely soft

  • I've had to completely refil the power steering fluid at least once (which implies a leak)

  • One taillight bulb is out (lazy me)

  • There's still a funny hesitation in the engine now and again, especially on wet days

  • He needs alignment badly
And then I put my phone number on it, wrapped it up around the key (and the Nikon camera memory card I found lying in the parking lot), and slipped it through the door slot.
We grabbed the jar of ranch dip from my car, amid much "ewww"ing from Angel, until he realised that it wasn't open, so it wasn't like it was rotting, and took off for Tempus.

Why do people completely disregard signs for their lanes? I present the following instructions for those who are confused about turn lanes: if you are in a Left Turn Only lane, and you change your mind, go around the block! Do not attempt to cut over to the right-hand lane and merge back into the unsuspecting traffic who are all thinking that you are going to Turn Left, since you're in the Left Turn Only Lane. That's why the gigantic sign with the leftward-pointing arrow is hanging next to the stoplight which you Obviously Saw, since you are stopped. That's why they painted a giant leftward-pointing arrow on the road, which you Presumably are Looking At. That's why there are Two Lanes on this side of the stoplight and One Lane on the other side - because you are in the Left Turn Only Lane.
Turn left, damn you.
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Nescafe rabbit

Botheration take it...

After doing a complicated little entry ranting about the amount of time I was going to have to spend on these blasted notes, I forgot to save the file before loading an old journal entry. So...poof.

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I'm done typing notes for a while; going to go read the notes I already typed. After I take a minute to go coo over Renee's niece, who's a very cute Small Elephant with a curiously short trunk. Mental note: see if anyone here wants to read The Story.
She went to see Santa, but didn't tell him anything, because "If you don't tell Santa what you want, you still get toys." To which Renee responded, "But what do I get? You didn't tell him what I want!" After being prompted to tell Renee to 'send him an e-mail', Small Brunette Elephant responds: "Sell 'im a nemail." Just like that. Much cooing to be done.
Its name is Olivia. And it's shy of me. I think they should make the Olivia-Elephant answer the tech support calls. Jerry says "Or at least record the phone tree messages."

A brief correction: As I was opening the saved journal entry to burn it to my CD-RW (no floppy drive on the laptop!), I discovered that Semagic just doesn't parse anything with too many periods in the title properly. So my entry from this morning (which is now obsolete, since I covered most all of it again this afternoon) titled A day in the life... saved - but didn't save with the .slj extension, which means it didn't show up on my 'open files' filtering for *.slj. Good to know. Will most decidedly remember this. Anyway, to the CD now.

...Or it could refuse to read the CD-RW (incidentally, it took 4 seconds to burn the file and 1:30 to burn all the stuff that goes around the file), so I'll be reduced to posting that when I get home - or when Angel doesn't need his network connection for a bit. Thank goodness for saving entries.

Collapse )What a marvellous conversation to hear.
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