December 9th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit


Didn't write last night, as somehow I managed to spend just enough time playing Final Fantasy (damn that Playstation 2 that I wrapped up studying for Biostatistics at 12:30, and was then too tired to do anything else. 34 questions. Marked 3 I didn't know and 2 I wasn't certain on. Not too bad, for a day's work. Now if it weren't so damned tedious that I have no energy for anything else...

Medicine exam is this afternoon. Breakdown:
  • Physical Medicine (4 points of 350) : 6 multiple choice questions. In my notes I have 5 "Probable Test Questions" that he went over in class. Right down to telling us: "The answer to this one is 'D: B and C are both correct." That's an 83% right there, even without knowing what question 6 is. Which is 3 points out of 4.

  • Medicine and Law (2 points): 2 multiple choice and one true/false. He promised straightforward questions, and we all know the true/false will be over noncompetition agreements (yes, they can be enforced). Nice guy.

  • Nutrition (2 points): 50 True/false questions. FIFTY true/false questions. For two freakin' points. Lowene promises they're easy ones. And anyway, if you get half of them right (which, in theory, you can do by answering them randomly), you get one of two points. Shee.

  • Health Care Oeconomics: cancelled. No questions have magically appeared in Lowene's mailbox, so none will be on the exam. Good. He was boring.
Medicine, in case you haven't noticed, is a strange class. We have about thirty different subjects that we have little mini-lecture-series events on, then a test over them. What this is supposed to accomplish, precisely, I'm not sure. The lecturing physicians write the questions and submit them. Some of them go to great lengths to come up with board-quality questions, but most of them realise that we have other things to do with our time.
Guys are joking around over the Nutrition section, by way of review. This shit is ridiculous. FIFTY questions, for two points. Gah.
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Nescafe rabbit


Lindy asked me about Pharm, just to make sure I was doing all right. Because everyone knew I was having trouble. And she was appropriately happy for my 85%, even though Lindy aced it. A perfect score. Congratulations, Lin. She's the sweetest girl in the world, Lindy is.
Meeta's crying in the hallway. Biostats grades are back. Apparently...she didn't do too well. What to do? I never know. It's hard to contain my own ebullience when I know someone else is unhappy. :(
Lowene has the printout of the email. She's writing them on little pieces of paper, hands mine to me. "Very nice." I look.
Oh, hell, yes. It's one of those things where I feel bad for feeling good...but all the same, it's a relief to know that's out of the way.

Medicine exam: I went through all the questions twice. I was still done in ...10 minutes. Just like undergrad. Lowene's eyebrows go up as I hand it to her. "I read fast." "I guess you do."
I do read fast. Plus, there were only a few questions on there I didn't know to begin with, and those I could guess fairly easily. I love tests like that.

Taking the rest of the afternoon off, before gearing up for two days of quality study time in the Auburn Public Library with Angel nearby. Figure I'll go up there, see his place of work and all, and be separated from the distractions of home. Plus, Kent says they have comfy chairs to read in. Yay.
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