December 8th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Once upon a midnight dreary....

Mom called this morning while we were out shopping, to ask me what a "Ghetto limo" was (see post from last night).
It goes like this:
Friday night, for the Tempus Tech Christmas Dinner, we were to be picked up by limo.
You should have seen the scene before the limo got there, with me demanding that Lily come over and make my hair beautiful. She says it always is, lovely Lily.
Limo driver calls Matt, lost. A block over the wrong way. Silly limo driver. And when he did show up, he didn't even open the door for us. I don't think he got out of the car. So we didn't get a good look at him until he got out to ring the doorbell at Beth and David's.
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And then dinner.
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And today, we got up and went shopping for Christmas presents. Mmph. I hate the mall around Christmas. But we're almost done! Even got something for Bri. After I finished having "Eee! Is cute!" fits over it for like ten minutes. Muahahaha.
Speaking of, I need to put together my Christmas list for everyone. Angel and Mark are talking about things behind my back, I can't look at the computer screen and all that. Very top-secret.
Danielle e-mailed me back to remind me that Chavaling's moving, and that's why I haven't heard from her in days. She warned me. Weight off my chest; I was about to call her. I'm such a worrywart. Don't hear from someone for a couple of days, and I start getting paranoid fantasies about all sorts of horrible things happening to them. Chavaling, you'll be gratified to know that you had reached the "lying in a pool of blood, undiscovered, with all of your family, the victim of a random serial slasher" stage. Which is relatively advanced. Hurry up and come back, so I can quit being all paranoid.

Too bad, I have to study tomorrow :( Biostatistics. Remind me to whine about the Medicine exam on Monday, and how stupid it's going to be. But for bed. Good night, Clarabear. I love you.
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