November 25th, 2002

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...No post last night. No time to wait and kick it. Nothing to say but the usual pre-exam rant.
Took too much time off this weekend. Not ready for the exam. But I'm so dragged-out....

Today: Infectious Diseases in Pathology. I've seen most of it before in Microbiology. Oh, please, great gods of familiarity and not-having-Dr.-Smith-questions, save me....
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What if...

Next time you're having a bad day, consider this:
What if you're a Siamese twin...
Attached at the shoulder-down.
Your twin brother is gay. You aren't.
He has a date coming over tonight...
...and there's only one ass between the two of you.
Courtesy of Scott K.

Lowene, lovely marvellous woman, has the exams graded. Everyone comes into the lab: "Well...did all right. Not as good as I'd wanted, but well enough." Which is sort of how I feel. 71% on a 28-question exam, with one question I want to argue.
I'm fairly certain that the lecturer we had on PKU told us that you could reverse the cerebral degeneration to some degree, as long as you treated it soon enough. It's not as good as treating the kids right away, so that there is no cerebral degeneration, but you can reverse it to some degree.
That'd be a 74. I have the points to carry the exam up to passing; it's not that big of a deal. And it only counts 2/3 as much as any other exam - so the extra four points from my 89 will make it a 77, which is what I got on the last lab exam too.
I do all of this complicated math to make sure I'm still passing. I should stop worrying so much. I'm in good shape. Not stellar, but I'm resigned to being a mediocre student in the classrooms. I got one high-pass, in Medical Genetics, and the rest are passing. Everyone else is doing great; I'm doing all right.

Lindy's trying to get the lecture cancelled for tomorrow afternoon so that we can take the time to study for Wednesday's Neuro exam. But we can't just say "skip you, we have an exam," so we're going to have it. And the usual complement of us will show up, out of politeness. Including Jim - who's so unprofessional, according to Dr. Koritnik.

Overheard, as we're cracking on Dr. Bell's use of completely hilarious phrases like "golly gee", "the whole ball of wax", and things like that all the time:
Scott: "Makes you wonder what we say about you behind your back, Dr. V..."
Vilensky: "I don't care. I'm done with you guys. You can all go to hell."
Jim: "And you'll be waiting for us there."
Vilensky: "I'm Jewish. I don't bother with that crap."
Riotous laughter. Note that Vilensky teaches first-year anatomy, so he really is done with us. He's a rough professor, but he knows his stuff.

Everyone: "Nothing I studied was on the test!"
Speaking of nothing I's time to head over to pharm.
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Open season on interpretations: "Sparrowsong"

     O my love
        if only you
could listen--hear--

    Days ago
the silence O
          you wishing back

            Nights have gone
and taken dreams
               the frozen winter

           Shadows' own,
                         my summer child
now lost in days

The time was once
              and now is gone
      my love, my days of

When winter's chill
          kept you beside
     to hear the fabled

And O my love
           my child if you
would listen--and 

    The days ago
  when comfort O
              was nestled in
           NsB 25-11-02

...Felt done right there, but as I read it, I'm not sure. Is it finished, or does it need something more?
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Open season on interpretation: Aile

Apparently, my muse - however briefly - flittered in to visit me today.
This is silver, in a shadow,
          a silent pause in silent nights,
     a moment lost
                   and remembered vast,
far away.
          A moment feathered and fair.

     Begemmed and yet begrimed,
                         paradoxic, impertinent I
have fallen fast
                 and far,
          unrepentant, unmoved, unstirred:
                        how far to this moment?

It is a thing of feathers,
               of hope unkindled, leaping
         with joy,
                   bespangled with stars.
A moment silver and silent, 
       waiting in the night,
             calling to impertinent I.

This is silver, in a shadow,
            calls me close and draws me in:
       A moment lost,
                  remembered now,
at last.
     How is it I
               had not heard before?

Lifted and uplifted,
              stirred by the soul,
     I cannot fly, I cling;
                  I fear to fall.
I am no feathered thing,
       no being of hope, I.

                And yet wings
like an eagle have I, borne
       on the breath of the dawn I 
                       am befeathered by light,
enfolded in glory and I
          am in the hands
of my Lord.
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There is a gate in Dachau, with an infamous inscription: "Arbeit Macht Frei" - "Work makes Free". A particularly wicked turn by the Nazis who built the camp...and a striking one at that. I last saw Dachau the summer after my senior year of high school.
There are words on the gate,
          and as you enter,
     surrounded now with green things
and growing, life
              and the soft silence
                              of summer.

Feet mark stones
                  as ever before, passing,
unheard-of pausing to wonder,
          to ponder, remember
the words of the gate.
                       Don't linger;
     there is blood in this ground - 
             can you see it still?

Read words as you enter, 
               know the wide vista is false,
         as empty as memory.
Wishes are whispered like prayers,
                like the thoughts unspoken,
      unheard, unwanted here --
forgotten now.

There are green things now
           and growing, richly fed
       on blood and tears
                      Does it know,
  this verdancy,
         of what its sustenance is borne?
                Does it care?
                        It is summer, soft
and hot, silent and still.

          They lie empty here, blood spilling,
soaking into the ground beneath.
     Clean gravel and paint,
                  dust raked over death 
            cannot conceal it,
it is still here.
               But see the reaching branches,
        plants live and stretching for the sun --
     has made them free,
                           after all.
"Arbeit macht frei"
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Things to make you laugh... a database of IRC chat quotes. Like the following:
Kazz> Do vampires have anuses? Cause that's why I wouldn't let this kid invade a vampire's anus in this RPG, right, I was GMing, and his character was an Anus Shade, with the power to possess and control the anuses of people and animals.. and I figured that vampires don't have anuses.
Zaratustra> a vampire's anus is present, but non-working.
Zaratustra> like a network card without the appropriate driver.
Kazz> Wow. You're the biggest dork on Earth.
Sharkey> And you're DMing an rpg with Anus Shades.
I've done nothing this evening but RP and watch Knight Hunters on DVD. It feels so good. Tomorrow I'll have to cram like mad for the Neuro exam on Wednesday (the one that everyone always fails, and they curve like nuts), but tonight...tonight I've done nothing. Yay.
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People say the darndest things...

Ryken, to the Tv: "It's a rock! You found a rock that looks vaguely like a pointy sharp thing!"
Almost as funny as when I came home yesterday with curtain rods. He peeks out, half-awake, and his eyes git big as saucers. Ducking down below the back of the couch, he pulls the blankets over his head and whimpers. "No hit with stick! No hit with stick!"

McBride, talking about Fragile X syndrome, a triple-repeat mutation of the chromosome: "And now for triple-X..." He facepalms. In front of the whole class. "The porno lecture..."
I can't remember what Smith said today that had us in stitches for like ten minutes...
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