November 21st, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Hello and Goodbye...

Ethics class. Got into a discussion - got involved, got tearful, wish I didn't every time I get involved. Wasn't upset - just passionate about the issue. And then got frustrated, which just made me more tearful.

Wish Ethics class weren't right before the Pharm exam. Feel like I should'a skipped, even. But I didn't, I went through notecards and sorted things out a little better. Got to do parasitics, antivirals, cancer and GI, then review. I hate this.
I hate knowing that I'm going to fail - or at best, barely pass the exam tomorrow. I hate wondering if there's any end to this shit. I hate working and working for nothing, not being able to enjoy an ethics discussion.

I hate people who drive grey cars in the rain and don't turn on their headlights, so I can't hardly see them.
I hate macho Hispanic men in handicapped plates who drive 15 miles an hour under the speed limit so I have to wait for every single red light.
I hate pharmacology exams.

I hate all the bloody antibiotics that all sound the same (where are my micro notes when I need them?)
I hate Plasmodium vivax, malariae, falciparium, and ovale, not to mention Taenia anything, Treponema pallidum, trematodes, schistosomes, and anything involving the letters vir, mycin, or cillin.

To borrow from Clarabear (who does not play in trash):

And now back to studying.
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