November 20th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit


The medical store people came today. Ordered myself some more white coats, nametags, and a doctor bag. These are all things that people can buy me for Christmas, retroactively, if they like - but the prices through the Medical Store for me as a student are significantly cheaper than they would be for anyone else. Say...on the order of $15 less for the coats, $25 for the bag, etc, etc. Hence the retroactive purchasing.

Got the trade-in form for the PanOptic. It's even less than I thought: Only $275, $295 if I get the cobalt filter. I'm so excited. I am so excited.

Talked with Koritnik over exams today - he gave me some hints for the next one, and I think I know what I need to study...but it's going to be a pain. Going to go through antibiotics this afternoon and figure out how to group them somehow. Maybe the Lippincott book will help with that. I'm so glad I bought the friggin' thing.
Tried to make coffee when I got home. The grinder works - I didn't know such a small handful of beans would make so much coffee dust! But I didn't know how much dust to put in the coffee maker, so I got a cup of weak American coffee, icky. Angel says he'll show me when he gets home. I feel like such a flake.
Now it's naptime, then to work with my notes and my summaries.
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Nescafe rabbit


Crocodile hunter on the TV. He's lured a tree kangaroo down with a banana on a stick. And every time he looks at her, the little beast goes "Rowr!" and bonks him on the head. I almost died laughing.
"I don't think she liked me lookin' at her little girly bits, there, but she's got a pouch."
"Cranky little bugger..."
And so on. Until this tree kangaroo goes nutso, "Rowr!" And -both- paws bonk him on the head.
Laughing so hard I can hardly study.
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